Affordable and Reliable Deep Etching Service at Clipping Mask Asia

Deep etching is a synonymous term of clipping path or image clipping. Deep etching is a selection process that is used for removing the background of an image. The history of the rise of deep etching is as old as the invention of image editing technology. It can be considered as the basis of image enhancement. Clipping Mask Asia has a great team who are working days and night to provide high end deep etching service at the most competitive and affordable cost.

Clipping Mask Asia provides clipping path service without any pause for 24/7 timeline. We have well trained desktop publishers who are highly qualified for any kind of image editing service including image clipping. Though photo cut out is a basic image editing technique but it’s the most effective one for which we give high priority to ensure high end quality.

The quality of clipping path is maintained by effective training and quality control stuff. In case of new employees we offer three month basic training first. After completing the initial training we arrange a test and the qualified trainees are employed in professional image editing. Initially they start with deep etching service. The next responsibility turns onto the quality controller. The whole production is divided into several small teams. Each team has a team leader and a quality controller. The team leader distributes the task into different team members and after task completion quality controller check the quality and handover to the team leader again. Then, the team leader has a quick overview on the quality to pass for the delivery. This is how we ensure the best possible quality of image clipping.


Of course pricing is another major concern for the buyer. We ensure the best competitive price that must be convenient for you to afford. Being an offshoring studio from low labor cost area we can cut your cost for clipping path dramatically. It can be as low as $0.35 USD per image depending on the quantity, complexity and turnaround. If you have a large quantity of image that requires deep etching service you can also get the best image clipping offer from us. In order to get the quotation please upload some images and submit a quotation request form. Our communication will provide you a fast quotation after checking the images.

In order to choose an image clipping partner be careful to evaluate the service provider carefully on the basis of these criteria. Quality should be your first priority in this case while pricing will also be the determiner of choosing the company. However, only low price should not be prioritized. Sometimes you have to pay more than the lowest rate to have better quality. We always prefer to negotiate the standard price so that we can invest necessary time on the image processing to maintain the best quality. Hope you will get the more than you expect from us that will make us your reliable image editing partner for as long as we will survive.

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