Clipping Path Service at a Glance

Clipping path is the mostly used photo editing technique in the image editing industry. It is a type of vector line that is drawn with pen tool and the shape can be straight, round or cryptic. The shape is drawn out of several anchor points. The beginning and the ending anchor are joined together to make a complete shape of clipping path. Anything lies within the shape is included and anything outside the shape is excluded when the path is applied. It is accepted that the less the number of anchor point is, the better the quality of the path should be. However, in order to ensure the best quality of image clipping a DTP has to be aware of some issues that will be discussed below.

clipping path



What to do with image clipping?

There are various uses of clipping path in image editing industry. Clipping Mask Asia always prefers hand drawn photo clipping. Some popular forms of the uses of clipping path have been noted down below:

  1. The most popular use of image clipping is to remove the background. The necessary part of the object is selected with photo clipping and once it is applied any unnecessary part, outside the selection, is removed.
  2. It is also commonly used for color correction or color manipulation that is called as multiple clipping path. The path has to be very accurate while its aim is to change the color of the object. It will be very tough for any amateur DTP to accomplish this type of work.
  3.  Masking is another important background removing technique that requires clipping path as well while masking the background.
  4. It plays an important role in cropping and centering the objects of an image.
  5. While retouching the photos it’s also also frequently.

Back end user:

In the previous section I have discussed the use of clipping path in photo editing process now I will show the real user of it. Though the user of this service can be anyone, I will mention the popular user based on our experience.

  1. Photographer
  2. Web administrator
  3. E-shop
  4. Printing and publication media

Clipping path Service at Clipping Mask Asia:

Our production house is well equipped to process your photo as per your expectation. We are available for 24/7 to provide you clipping path service at any time. Therefore, you may place an order or request for a quotation at any time.

We have some specific criteria that ensure the best quality and accuracy of image clipping service:

  • Our experience and motivation enable us to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Our designers draw path manually by using Photoshop pen tool instead of any shortcut method to maintain the standard quality.
  • We have strong operational strategy that ensures the quality. It runs in a cyclic notion which consists of five paddles.
  • We guarantee 100% money-back in case of any dissatisfaction.

Bulk Offer: The larger your quantity, the greater we offer!

  • Get up to 50% discount on a bulk order that should contain 500-3000 images! It will be determined on the basis of some criteria like complexity, turnaround, file size etc.
    clipping path

    jewelry clipping path

  • If needed we will customize dedicated team for your project so that, they can maintain the consistency in the photo editing process.
  • You will also be considered for a flat rate for your on going projects. It will ease the processing of your orders. You don’t need to think of price and delivery. We will start working as soon as you place an order to meet the delivery as per the given deadline.

Let’s START your project with Clipping Mask Asia!!!

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