Five(5) Urgent Tips for Photo Clip

Photo clip or clipping path or photo cut is the most popular technique used in photo editing industry. Photo clip is a manual selection process initiated by Photoshop pen tool to select any portion of a photo to isolate from the background. Photo clip allows us to change the existing background of an image and apply any background that ensures the best appearance of the photo. Here I will mention five important tips that should keep in mind when clipping a photo in Adobe Photoshop.

Number One(1):

Open the image in Adobe Photoshop and have a close look on the object from 100% view to understand the proper shape of the object.

Number Two(2):

Initiate photo clip from 300 to 400% zoom to ensure the best quality.

Number Three(3):

Frequently zoom in and zoom out while doing photo clip to be sure that you are clipping around the right shape of the object.

Number Four(4)

Once the photo clip is done check the quality with quick mask tool and make any necessary correction to avoid the bleeding of the original background.

Number Five(5):

Be sure that you haven’t cut any necessary portion of the object while checking the photo with quick mask tool.


Finally, after accomplishing the photo clip save the image in required format. It’s quite easy and simple technique that is frequently used for photo processing. It also takes time for which it’s not that much economic for the contractor from high wage zone. In this case, most of the contractors prefer to outsource photo clip or clipping path from low labor cost area to save their money and time. In contrast, the companies who are providing this service at low cost should remember that it’s just the initial stage of processing of their images and the quality of photo clip is very important for the contractor since it will impact a lot while doing advance processing of the images. Clipping Mask Asia is a popular name who are providing the solution of outsourcing photo clip for thousands of contractors worldwide. Thanks to our valued employees who are working hard to keep Clipping Mask Asia up.

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