Get Bulk Discount on Image Manipulation Service at CMA

Image manipulation service is all about manipulating any missing part of the image to make it professional and seamless. Clipping Mask Asia has a number of talented image editing experts who can handle you image manipulation project smoothly. If you have large quantity in a continuous basis we would love to offer you outstanding discount price on image manipulation service. The discount can be up to 50% with conditions. Let’ Try!

The importance of image manipulation service can only be realized by the people who are dealing with image editing industry like e-commerce administrator, fashion industry, printing and publication industry etc. Having photo manipulation is not only to enhance an image but it is to make an image complete.

image manipulation service

There are server types of image manipulation services available at Clipping Mask Asia like neck joining, or ghost effect, face replacement, compositing multiple images into one. Neck joining or ghost mannequin is the most popular form of Photoshop manipulation service. It refers to removing the dummy from a garment image and to fill up the missing parts of the garment after removing the mannequin. In this case we need some helping shots like neck shot or x-file to join the neck.

The discount we are talking about is applicable for a regular client who will have on going image manipulation project. Of course the discount will be calculated on top of the total price without compromising the quality of image manipulation service. The highest range of our discount on it would be fifty percent on the off-season but in regular and high traffic season we offer 20-30 percent discount on top of the total price.

Above the cash discount you will get the access of dedicated team for your ongoing photo manipulation project. It will ensure you the consistent quality of image manipulation service and fast turnaround. Even, you will get the access of customized payment schedule. It can be weekly or monthly basis as per your convenience.

We don’t encourage you always to look for the discount. In many cases it’s found that, discount or cheap rate becomes the main reason of poor quality service. So don’t just look for the cheapest rate but before hiring any image editing vendor you have to be sure about their service quality. A test project can be good solution in this case. Poor quality is not only poor quality it’s also the wastage of your valuable time and money.

Clipping Mask Asia is always ready with its well trained image manipulation service providers to meet your project at anytime. You are just a few steps away to experience the best with us. Just upload some images and submit the quotation request form to get the estimate and any other information.