Magical Realism in Digital Art

Let’s see around us! What do we see? Yes, computer, flat screen plasma TV, gaming device, touch screen mobile phone, billboard, newspaper etc. No doubt, we are closely in touch with thousands of screens. We can’t imagine a single day without the use of such devices and visualization. The screen dependency shows how we are dealing with the world of image. An image is not only a portrait rather it carries meaning, message, entertainment, aesthetic sense etc. We don’t only see an image instead want to enjoy it. Here comes the sense of aesthetics. Digital art is a kind of visual art. It is the practice of art with the use of digital technology. Adobe Photoshop plays large role in the practice and development of digital art.

Adobe Photoshop is a digital photo editing software that deals with still photos. We can enhance a still portrait by using Photoshop from different perspectives. Even, we can turn a 2nd picture into a 3rd portrait as well with the help of this software. Thousands of digital photo editors around the world can’t imagine their business without the help of Adobe Photoshop.

Drawing clipping path is the basic application of this software. Clipping path is must for accomplishing most of the photo editing tasks like background removal, drop shadow, Photoshop masking, Photoshop retouching, Photo manipulation, photo retouching, mirror effect etc. It enables a DTP to create the imaginary artistic effect out of a simple image.

Drop shadow effect makes an image more realistic and professional. It brings the sense of perfection of the setting of an image. Color correction option of an image ensures the best combination of color including bright/contrast/suture/hue etc. Photo retouch and Photo manipulation task opens up the opportunity of transforming the original image as desired by adding or removing elements from it. Suppose a person needed to replace from an image or a missing part is to be created. No worry, the retouch and manipulation experts can bring the solution. Certainly, time-place coordination is getting defeated by Adobe Photoshop as it can edit the moment of past.

Thus the reality itself gets magical with the coordination of Photoshop. The reality we capture is not unique anymore as we can change it as we desire. The magical touch of Digital photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop creates the doorway of digital art that has been a leading art form in this virtual world. We feel really lucky to play a role in this art form. Our photo editors are capable of manipulating the magic out of reality. The reality itself gets riddled by touch with technology.