How to Minimize the Cost for Clipping Path Services?

How to Minimize the Cost for Clipping Path Services?
How to Minimize the Cost for Clipping Path Services?

Clipping path services is the most common image editing service we need for our image enhancement. In order to use the images for our professional purpose we need to make the image professional. The first step of having a professional image is to apply nice background. Deep etching service allows us to replace the background as per our wish. Since we need clipping path services for all the images we should consider the investment we need to do it; even saving one cent per image can do a lot.

The first advice for saving the cost of clipping path service is to outsource the service to low labor cost reason that will low down the price dramatically. If you are spending $2.00 USD in your local USA market you can do it at by spending even $0.49 USD from the off-shoring image editing studios. If you have hundred or thousand images you should realize how much you will save from here.

Once you have decided to outsource image clipping path services you have to consider some more issues to minimize the cost per image. If you have images in a regular basis try to make the order volume as large as possible since you will get better offer for larger volume. What you can do is to make the stock for two or three days instead of sending the images in everyday and then send the image with larger volume. Of course, our outsourcing partner will offer you better for better quantity.

The next advice we will bring forward is about choosing the right file format for your purpose. If you want only to replace the background try to send JPEG or PNG file instead of TIFF, RAW or PSD file. JPG or PNG file format is lighter than PSD, TIFF or RAW. A TIFF format of the same JPEG can be 10 times heavier. If you send TIFF instead of JPG the image editing studio will charge you more than if you send JPEG. I think you are already asking the question: why you will be charged more for TIFF than JPEG of the same image? The answer is very simple. Processing a TIFF file will take more than that of the JPEG. A larger file will take much time to be downloaded or uploaded and you have to pay for the time.

Turnaround is another influential issue that can affect the price dramatically. Always try to provide flexible turnaround for processing the images. If you allow flexible turnaround you will get the best possible price instead of faster turnaround like 3 or 6 hours. The calculation is very simple the quicker is your requirement the higher you have to pay.

Finally, it’s up to you to decide how much you are willing to pay for clipping path. Here we have mentioned all the possible determiner of the price for image clipping service. If you consider all the four determiners properly you will get the best price from the off-shoring studios that will save your money. Clipping Mask Asia will be very pleased to serve you in your deep etching project. Hope you will get the best price from the professional team of CMA.

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