The Necessity of Web Image Optimization

Proper image optimization is mandatory for the administrator of e-commerce business. Here, your image is your product. All the qualities of the products have to be visible through its appearance. If your image is not properly optimized it will make your looser in two different ways: technical and visual. Now, I will explain both technical and visual aspect of web image optimization.

web image optimization

Technical Optimization: Before proceeding with the technical aspect of web image optimization I would like to ask you some questions.

  1. Is your image being refused by Google boat?
  2. Is your image taking too much time to be loaded on website?
  3. Are you satisfied with the loading performance of your website?

I guess you have got the point I am willing to explain here. Yes, I am talking about the weight of your image. If the images you are using on your website are too much heavy it can’t be surfed properly by Google boat or web browser. It will overload your server that may prolong your server response time. In consequence there will have strong possibility of getting 404 errors (not found).

Even, slow server response time may be the main reason of losing your valued customer. In survey it’s fond that if an image take more than three seconds to be loaded the visitors leave the website and look for any better and responsive one.

Don’t be afraid, you can simply avoid this issue by doing proper web image optimization of your images. You have to decrease your file size without compromising with the resolution of your image. Clipping Mask Asia can assist you anytime to ensure proper optimization of your image.

Visual Web Optimization: Since the clients will make their purchase decision by viewing the images it’s very important to represent a professional image of your product. The first appearance of the product image is very important. If the client doesn’t like it you are going to lose your sell. In order to optimize the images visually you have to concentrate on the following aspects:

Background: The background of your image is very important. You can’t use any dirty background. Is should be neat and clean. In most of the cases we prefer you to use pure white background. In order to apply pure white background you have to remove the original background. Clipping path or image masking may the best solution in this case. After cutting out the image from original background apply pure white background. If you need any kind of help on clipping path service or image masking you can contact us at any time.

Color Balance: The color balance is also very important to make an image professional. You can simply adjust the color of your images by adjust bright/contrast. However, in order to advance color correction you may have to adjust channel mixture or selective color.

Cropping: Image cropping is also very helpful technique of optimizing the image. The product should be centered and straightened. The padding of the image should be consistent and not more than 5 percent of the main object.

Would you still lose your valuable sell by using the image without proper web image optimization? I am sure; the answer is “NO”. You can simply optimize your images by concentrating on the focused criteria of web image optimization. We always suggest you to make your image web friendly to get the best profit out of it.