Photo Masking: Easy Image Cut Out Technique

Photo masking can be broadly described as the process of isolating complex subject of the image from its setting in Photoshop. Thus, it is not the basic removal of strong shapes, or even giant shapes that can be easily taken away from their respective grounds, only more fun pieces of the image like strands of hair moving in different directions for example.

What requires to be known at the outset is that, there are different methods to set apart a certain shape from the setting. Photo masking is one of the most popular methods in this regard. Therefore, causing an image cut out or a picture cut out or simply getting rid of the background altogether is the main purpose of Photoshop image masking technique. It combines the pen tool; the brush tool and also the eraser tool altogether and ensures successful application of these to ensure certain sections.

Today I will show one of the mostly used photo masking techniques that can help you removing the tricky background of your images. This tutorial will illustrate six easy steps to ensure easy image cut out and background removal.

Tone 1: Firstly choose the picture you want to Photoshop. It is safer to use an icon that has a contrasting backdrop to work with. In one case you have picked out the image and opened the photo in Photoshop, be sure to duplicate the layer before you start your study.

Step 2: Make certain to set the RGB tones. Go to the channel layer and select any of the three distinguished layers that will distinguish the foreground from its background most.

Measure 3: Thirdly, a curves layer needs to be created to a higher place of the duplicated layer. Adjust curves in such a way that it makes the difference more visible. This will ensure the subject being the most contrasted from the ground.


Step 4: You may also apply level adjustment to make difference between the subject and background more prominent.

Tone 5: Next we will use the burn tool to completely darken the picture to be cut out even more accurately. This is performed to maximize the contrast relative to the ground. For most effective method use the settings: Range: Shadows, Exposure: 100%, Protect tones: Unchecked.

Footstep 6: This step will allow you to cut out the image from the background successfully. Hold Ctrl in Windows or Command in Mac and click on the selected channel layer. It will make full selection of the subject. Then, inverse the selection (Shit + I) and return to the original image layer and apply layer mask to cut out the image from its background.

Pat yourself on the back because you have answered it! You can now position the picture cut away on any background of your choice by applying photo masking technique. This procedure can be utilized for whatever image that bears a bunch of details and minute intimate edges.

I have shown the easiest photo masking technique that can cut out the image from its background easily. However, there are different other Photoshop masking techniques well like background eraser technique, extraction technique. The technique I have shown is called color separation technique.

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