Potential Guideline to Remove Photo Background

Potential Guideline to Remove Photo Background
Potential Guideline to Remove Photo Background

Are you researching for the easiest technique to remove photo background? I think you are on the right place to have proper guideline. This article will highlight the easiest and most popular techniques of removing your photo background. You can do it by yourself by following the guideline or you can have our background removal service to save your money and valuable time.

What to do with removing photo background:

While you are using the images for professional use it’s must to remove photo background. You can’t use any image with dirty background for making your business or serving for your professional use. The original background must not be that much clean and professional. In this case you have to remove the background to apply any other background. In most of the cases it requires pure white background (RGB: 255 255 255). I think you are realizing the necessity of removing photo background.

How to Remove Photo Background by Yourself:

Don’t worry, you are near to remove your photo background by yourself. Nowadays, image editors use different techniques to remove photo background. Here I will explain the most popular techniques that will help you to serve your purpose.

sample of remove photo background

Clipping Path: Photoshop clipping path is the mostly used background removal technique that is as easy as drinking a glass of wine. This technique is also known as deep etching. You have to draw clipping path around the object with Photoshop pen tool to remove the existing background. Whatever will be selected within the deep etching selection will be included and everything outside will be removed when you will apply clipping path. You may start immediately with creating your own clipping path. Just open the image in Adobe Photoshop and then select pen tool from tool bar, take path layer and then start clipping your object. While doing deep etching remember doing it at 300-400 percent zoom to get the best quality. Also the selection has to be very much accurate otherwise it will bleed background while you will cut out the image from the background. After completing the selection you may remove photo background immediately. Just select the path (hold Ctrl/Command + click on path layer), apply feather (0.3 to 0.5 pixels) and cut out (hold Ctrl/Command +) the selected object on to transparent layer that will allow you to apply any background as you wish.

pen tool

Image Masking: Photoshop image masking another popular technique used to remove photo background. Image masking is applied to the images where clipping path can’t sever the purpose like hair or fur image since image clipping can only be applied to the images with clear and solid edge. Applying Photoshop masking is a bit tough with comparison to clipping path. This technique will allow protecting the subtle edge very effectively. In order to learn photo masking technique please visit our tutorial on Photoshop masking technique.

layer mask

Quick Selection: Quick selection tool can also be effective in some cases. It will allow you to remove the background with the easiest and shortest attempt. There are number of quick selection tool kike magic wand and lasso tool. This tool will work perfectly if the difference between the foreground and background is very prominent. Let’s start with magic wand. Select magic wand from the tool bar and click on the object you want to select. Only a single click can make the selection of the object properly. You can edit the selection with the same tool as well to make it perfect. Once you have proper selection you can apply it to remove the photo background.

Kickoff the Headache of Photo Background Removal:

Though you can do your image clipping or deep etching or background removal project yourself, the reality is that it will waste you vast time. We understand the value of your time that must be utilized for productive work. If you calculate the price of your time you will understand how much you are spending for clipping the images by yourself. The best solution in this case can be for you to outsource your deep etching project. You will find hundreds of options by Google. Remember, all of them are not reliable on which you can depend. What you have to do in this case is to check the quality of their service before hiring any of the clipping path service providers. Clipping Mask Asia is one of the most raising names in this industry. You can check our service, price and commitment before having any decision. Hope you will be able to kicking off your burden of clipping the images by yourself forever.

kickoff headache

I am sure that you got the best direction to remove photo background without any hassle. You can easily learn the techniques of removing image background but it will kill your time that is more valuable than spending a few cents for outsourcing your image clipping project. In order to get the price of clipping path service or any other information please upload the images and submit the quotation request form now.

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