Photo retouching technique came into being at the outset of the 19th century. Photographers and professionals were no longer confined to the old studios or portrait sculptors. They started using photo retouching tools to make them outstanding. People began to show much enthusiasm for the tools that could mold pictures from one angle to another. Color, background, size, etc. were done through the Photoshop retouching tools without any hesitation.


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What is Photoshop Retouching?

Photography and photo retouching go hand in hand. Now most of the people have a computer, and Adobe Photoshop is well known to most of the users. Retouching is one of the major image editing techniques of Photoshop. It technique includes the use of pen tool, clone stamp tool, spot healing tool, brush tool, eraser tool, content aware tool etc. Photographers take the advantage of pho retouching to make the images perfect for final use. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, German, Italy, UAE show much interest in photo retouching to make their images seamless. Photographers and professionals are now using the techniques randomly all over the world. Photoshop retouching means changing the dimension of the photo from one point to another. Digital cameras are ready in the market, and people are using them to capture images. But, sometimes we notice that the background, color, and shape of the image is not excellent. So, here is the emergence of Photoshop retouching methods.

Why Photo Retouching?

Photography is a passion for many a people today. Digital cameras are getting value due to the excessive interest for photography. People like to add extra meaning to the photos or images they capture. Photo retouching tools are serving the purpose grandly. Now, we can get our images according to the ways we want see it with the help of the photo retouching software. The greater purpose of photo retouching is its extensive use in commercial purpose. Nowadays thousands of images are used in different purposes on web and printing industry. Most of the hosts fool comfort to retouch the images properly to make it flawless.

Best Software for Accomplishing the Task:

Different image retouching software is available in the market today. It is very important to choose the best one from them to accomplish the task. We recommend Adobe Photoshop CS-6 for photo retouching. This version of Photoshop comes with the best possible opportunities for the retouch specialists. The clone stamp tool, spot healing tool and content aware tool are just awesome for the retouch personnel. This is not that much easy task to do like clipping path. It requires the skills and expertise and we need to be patient to achieve the skill. Proper training on using the photo retouching technique is a must for the professionals.


Beauty Retouch

Photoshop beauty retouch

Some Popular Types of Image Retouching:

  • Beauty Retouch: Photoshop beauty retouching is one of the mostly used retouching techniques. In includes retouching out any flaws from the skin, eye, tee, lips or even hair. Glamour and fashion industry use this type of retouching frequently.
  • Dust Scratch Retouching: Dust and scratch retouching involves with cleaning unwanted blemish, dust and scratches from the outer surface of the subject. Dust and scratch retouching is mainly applied for merchandise images.
  • Old Image Restoration: Restoring damaged images is another version of Photoshop retouching technique. Here retouching and manipulation technique are applied side by side to get back the damaged image.

No doubt, Photoshop retouching is quite complex and subtle work that requires sound attention, expertise and skill. Clipping Mask Asia feels comfortable for having a large team of image retouching specialists who can provide the service with high end quality.

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