How to Set Up the Studio for Awesome Photography

Photography is something more than just taking a picture. It is core of digital art. The first step of taking awesome photo is to ensure the setting of photography.

With the passage of time the territory of e-commerce is getting more and more competitive. Website plays a great role as a determining force of the success of an e-commerce business. A company is simply judged with the quality of its website. The power of awesome image comes in role in this regard. It’s must to have nice images to make a website attractive and professional and here comes the importance of awesome photography.

When your shop is a website, appearance becomes most important since the product will be viewed and judged from this interface. High quality photos, produced out of outstanding photography, are needed not only for making the website beautiful but crucially to make money and business. The same products are sold in several websites but why your one will be chosen. It is certainly is a big question. It’s because your product is shown most attractively through the product photo you are using on your website.

Here comes the prospect of taking the shot of your own products since it’s quite expensive to take nice professional product shot from any professional studio. You can simply take your own shot with minimum attempts and save your money. There are thousands of tools to make product photography good to better. However, when you are just starting with your own photography you may start with some basic tools that can even give you awesome result if you are concern of proper utility of these tools.

Among logs of product photography techniques I am going to concentrate on a single technique, Window Light Technique; it can be helpful for small and medium company to be successful product photographer. If you already have a camera you can set up this setting by spending only $30.00 USD while it will cost around $5.00 USD for each product if you take the shot from any professional studio.

What You Need:

Before taking the shots you need to be well prepared for having awesome photography. Gear is the guts of photography and might be extremely exciting, however usually it’s said that, the majority folks become confused about. It’s not necessary of thinking to spend a lot in preparing the setting of your photography. You can do it within $30.00 USD that can bring the same effect to that of $3000.00 USD. So be liberal and start saving your money from this point. Only a few equipment can be enough to make your setting ready

1.The Right Room:

Studio Setting for Product Photography

A room with enough sunlight supply and ventilation will be best. It should have enough windows to ensure the sunlight that will be great source of natural light.



It’s unnecessary to spend a lot ($3000.00) for having an awesome camera. You can easily get one at $460-$720 USD. I will discuss how to select the best camera for your photo shots in the next tutorial.

Now, let’s test the performance of your camera. You have more than one just take the first shot with your older one and then take another shot with newer one. Then have a close study on both the shots to compare the quality. In this case I prefer Canon G series point-and-shoots it works complete manually and it’s not that much expensive.
It is commonly said that, it’s the camera that takes the shot but I claim, no, it’s just one of the equipments that takes the shot. The quality of a photo depends on several other criteria like lighting, exposure, styling and post processing work.

3. Tripod:


You don’t need to make the photography too complicated but a simple apparatus that can set your camera in such area that ensure every detail that your camera can cover.  You should not spend more than $20-30 USD for this equipment. Just search in Amazon or Alibaba and you will get a solution within this budget.

The sharp focus of the shot is determined by the width and depth of the area. Shutter speed plays an influential role while taking the shot. If a camera has a slow shutter, there is strong possibility of getting the image blurred. The solution of this kind of situation is ultimately a tripod.

4. White Background:

There are several solutions for white background. If you need to shot spontaneously I suggest you to get a white sweep from any nearby photography shop. If, in case, there is no photography store nearby, you may solve the problem just with a 32 x 40 sheet of pure white Mat Board. It should not cost more than $7.00 USD.

5. White Bounce Cards Made of Foam Core:

Then you have to collect any extra scraps of white foam core that is available at any photography store. It should be roughly same to the height of the product, and about 3x the width. Typically, a letter size should be fine. Then it has to be set so that it stand of its own. It will reflect the light back to the product.

6. Table:

Pick a table that will fit best with your tripod. A folding table will be more comfortable.

7. Tape:

You may use tape to fix the board on the table securely. You can also use clams serve the purpose.

Now, you are completely prepared to start taking the shots. Clipping Mask Asia highly recommends to ensure the best setting for professional photography that will enhance your photos several times naturally. Once, the shots are taken just pass the images to our hands we will do the rest.