Substitute of Photo Clipping for Image Optimization

Photo clipping is the mostly needed image optimization technique that is applied for different purposes while enhancing the images. It removes the background of an image and allows applying any background as per the necessity. It’s quite time consuming and boring task that costs a lot if any professional image editing studio is appointed for that purpose. There are a few options which can serve the same purpose as clipping path service do.

Today, we are talking about these substitutes since these will minimize the cost and effort for cutting out the image from the background. It will also take very short time for making the selection. One can easily do it easily. It doesn’t require that much expertise and experience.

Using Photoshop quick selection tools can be good substitute of clipping path in some cases. It can create the selection of the object with a single click while clipping that object may take more than an hour. You will find two distinct feature of this tool: Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool. Both versions of the tool work well depending on the discourse.

quick selection

Lasso tool can also be helpful for creating the selection instead of doing it with hand drawn photo clipping. Lasso tool consists of three versions: Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool and Magnetic Lasso Tool. All three versions of the tools are needed to select different types of images. It can be several times quicker than doing image clipping.

lasso tool

Color separation technique can be another substitute for photo clipping. Here the color is modified in such a way that the product color will be easily distinguished from the background. Then the foreground is selected with the help of quick selection tool. The color adjustment has to be very much accurate to make it effective. It can also be done with minimum time and least effort.

All these techniques can be considered as limited substitute of photo clipping since each of these techniques has some limitations. While, handmade clipping path provides the best possible quality of photo cut out, these substitutes don’t ensure that much good quality. The substitutes may work well for some images while it won’t be effective for some other images as well. In contrast, photo clipping works smoothly in most of the images except the images with hair or fur. If you are using the images for your serious professional purpose, I will advise you to use handmade clipping instead of using any of these shortcut techniques. These techniques can only be applied to the images with less importance that won’t play that much vital role for your business or profession.