Useful Tips for Photoshop Image Masking Treatment!

Photoshop image masking is needed for extracting complex image from the background. It can make the extraction of tricky image perfectly. Any image with hair, fur or fiver require Photoshop image masking treatment. If we compare it with other background removal technique like clipping path, we will find it more complex. Though, it’s a complex image editing technique you can do it successfully by following some important tips.

Tips Number One: Since image masking is applied for extracting an image without harming any single hair or fur of the image, be careful that you are meeting the main purpose properly.

Second Advise: Then, please create clipping path for the solid part of the image to keep it untouched while masking the hair or fur. Suppose you are masking a model image. You have to create clipping path around the whole model except the flying hair on which only Photoshop image masking will be applied.

Third Issue: Now, adjust the masking tool properly. If you are using background eraser tool make sure to adjust the harness and opacity of the tool according to the requirement.

Tips Number Four: Please test the quality of the image masking against both pure white and pure black background and if you find out any flaw please try to fix it accordingly.

Fifth Tips: Remember you may have to more than one Photoshop masking techniques to cut out the image. Some part of the hair might be masked with background eraser and some part may require Photoshop extraction tool. Apply whichever suits the best for the image to ensure high end quality.

Final Tips: We recommend you to apply layer mask finally to keep both original layer and the cut out layer with the single layer.

For the beginners it would be a complex assignment to do it properly. You may have to practice again and again to get the required quality of image masking. We optimistic that you can do image masking successfully by following these simple tips. However, if you face any issue while doing it please don’t hesitate to contact us. Even, if you have quite large number of image which require Photoshop image masking treatment you can assign our dedicated team to accomplish the project successfully. We have well skilled team who are providing any type of image editing service including clipping path, drop shadow, image manipulation, raster to vector conversion service etc.

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