Valentine Wish

If love lives in your mind then everyday is valentine…..

But celebrating 14th February is like celebrating divine……

Happy Valentine’s Day

Every day we talk about different image editing techniques like clipping path (deep etching), image masking, image manipulation, photo retouching, Photoshop reflection, drop shadow, raster to vector conversion etc but today is special day. No more chattering about our business. This is the time to honor divine love. Today, Clipping Mask Asia will dedicate a short story for our valued customers.

Once upon there was a happy couple in Rome. They were in love when they were studying their tertiary education. After completing their education they decided to get married but the fatal flaw was waiting for them. When the informed their respective family that they are willing to marry each other they came to know a shocking truth from their parents. Rose, the beloved of Jack, came to know that Jack’s father was on one but the killer of her own father and Jack’s father was convicted to death in charge of the killing. Both the family rejected their proposal. Rose left her meal while Jack was passing sleepless days and night. They had no communication for around six month. After six month when both got a chance to meet each other in their University convocation they decided to left their family and city forever to bring their live in live. They ran away from their familiar world started living in a sea side city. Once day Jack went to fishing and caught many. He came with the basket full of fishes. Rose cooked some and had a great meal altogether. They went to their bed like any other day. In the morning when Jack weak up he saw that an 80 years old lady was sleeping beside him. He started shouting thinking her an intruder. When he heard her voice he discovered that, she is her beloved Rose. Oh Alas! What is happening? Both of them cried a lot and finally they went to a doctor. After checking everything the doctor advised that, she had been the victim of a poisonous fish. As the reaction of the poison, her skin has wrinkled like a dying woman. There is no remedy of it. What will Rose do now for Jack? She passed her days with the flow of tears. But it was Jack who was made for loving Rose. Here started taking care of his beloved more than he used to doing earlier. With his love and care once Rose forgot that she has any fatal disease. There was no lack of happiness in their family. With the gift of Almighty they had two sweet kids.

Dear Valentines! Can you say what was the magic actually that made this couple happy even after such fatal flaw? I think you can! It’s the magic of divine love that can make a beggar a king and a king can feel nothing like a beggar. Hope everyone will have such love juice in their lives that will inspire them to face any challenge in their real life. Just put your hand in the hand of your Valentine and eyes on the eyes of your beloved; of course this is the paradise that you will discover.

 Happy Valentine’s Day!!!