Why Clipping Path Service or Image Cut Out Service (deep etching)?

Image cut out service is needed to cut out image from the existing background that allows applying any background. It’s a vector mask technique that is also known as deep etching.

If you Google “clipping path service” you will find hundreds of website who are providing image cut out service. The people who are not familiar with photo editing industry must ask a question: what is to do with deep etching or clipping path service. The answer of the question is very straight forward that I have included in the beginning of this article. But deep etching also serves different other purposes as well. Here I will explain some sophisticated use of deep etching.

To Remove Background:

The first and foremost use of image cut out service is to remove the background of an image. In case of professional and commercial images it’s almost mandatory to use neat and clean background. In order to use such background you have to remove the background first. Then, you will be able to apply your desired background.

To Remove Any Unwanted Part of the Image: Secondly, Photoshop clipping path is applied to remove any unwanted part from the image. Anything lies with the selection of clipping remains and anything outside clipping path is removed. This is how we can remove any wanted part along with the background of the image.

To Accomplish Advance Image Editing:

Many studios ask for clipping path service to accomplish further advanced editing of their images. ‘Multiple clipping path’ is frequently needed for accomplish advanced color correction. It allows the image editor to select each and every color individually and manipulate the color of the image differently. You can re-color your t-shirt or travel bag into hundreds of color variants.

You may also need deep etching for composite multiple images into one. Suppose you want to take out the sky from one image and to apply a different one. Here you need clipping as well.

The retouch specialist also need image clipping service to apply advance retouching. Think of a ring image. It requires deep etching to do advanced image retouching. Different dimension and surface of the ring has to be selected while retouching the image. It will ensure smooth Photoshop retouching of the image.

Even if you want to apply professional drop shadow or mirror effect you must need clipping path service to cut out the image from the existing background first. Then you can apply drop shadow or mirror effect to the image.

Finally it can be said image clipping is the basic of doing professional image editing. Creating clipping doesn’t require that much skill. Anyone can do it easily with Photoshop but maintaining the quality of deep etching is very important. It’s not that much sophisticated further advanced editing of the image won’t be that much sophisticated. Clipping Mask Asia will be very happy to provide you any kind of assistance on image cut out service. You can contact us any time without any hesitation as our team is available for 24/7.

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