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We are experts in image editing and clipping path services. We have more than twelve years of experience.

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Of course, quality is our priority. We believe in quality work and strict deadlines. If the standard of our service can't satisfy you, we will provide unlimited revisions. Even we welcome you to refrain from paying for shabby work.

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We have good news for you if you have many images to edit. You will get a special price for a large volume. The discount may range from 20% to 50% depending on the image quantity per day, week, or month.

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Typically, we do not require advance payment for any project. We send invoice after completing the order successfully. You may also go for weekly or monthly payment option for regular and ongoing project. Payment accepted with secured gateway.

The Best Clipping Path Service Provider

We provide a 100% hand-drawn deep etching service that ensures the best quality of image background removal. Short-cut techniques like magic tools or auto-selection applications can not guarantee professional quality. We have an expert image editing team to ensure quality cutouts and timely work. You will pay for our effort and efficient photo editing service.

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We are USA based clipping path company and provide a wide range of advanced photo retouching services. Most of our customers are from the United States, Europe, and Australia.

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We are USA based clipping path company and provide a wide range of advanced photo retouching services. Most of our customers are from the United States, Europe, and Australia.


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Clipping Path

Photoshop clipping path service is applied to cut out photos from the existing photo background to use a new one. Drawing deep-etch with the Photoshop pen tool ensures the best quality of background removal. We offer all varieties of image photo clipping services to remove the background of any photo. We have highly trained Photoshop experts who make hand-drawn photo clipping without applying magic tools.

Image Masking

Photoshop masking is used to cut out photos with a subtle edge, like model hair. We apply an image masking technique on those photos which don’t suit photo clipping for the perfect cutout. It seems like this technique is more complex and time-consuming in comparison to photo clipping. Moreover, we have well-experienced professionals who apply the latest picture editing technique and software for background removal services.

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation is a technique of manipulating any missing part of an image to make it complete. Image manipulation service is popularly used for garments product photos. It is also known as neck manipulation or ghost effect. We have a dedicated team for neck joint service at our production house. In addition, they are constantly exploring a new level of expertise to provide seamless neck joint service.

Drop Shadow

The application of Drop Shadow is one of the effective photo enhancement services. It creates a real connection between the subject of an image and the new background. Hence, adding a natural drop shadow to a photo makes it more realistic and attractive to its viewers. Sometimes, we keep the original shadow or create a natural drop shadow upon the suggestion of our valued customer.

Photoshop Reflection

Photoshop reflection is the mirror view of an image. The image looks as if the subject is lying on a mirror. It enriches the appealing of an image to the viewers by adding 3D effect. We also call it as mirror effect or reflection shadow. The accuracy of positioning the mirror view of the photo is very essential. It involves the unification of modern technology and high skills. Clipping Mask Asia team is very competent in this regard.

Photo Retouch

Image retouching is applied to remove dust, scratches, spot, or blemishes from an image. The technique is mostly applied on product or model shots. It’s a powerful technique of modern image editing technology. It is applied to restore a damaged image as well. Furthermore, jewelry retouch involves the process of removing dust or scratch and to make it more more shiny and glossy with the help of different tools.

Color Correction

Photoshop color correction involves adjusting the color of a photo to bring the best effect. Sometimes, the color of an image is completely changed without harming its natural appearance. This is popularly known as color manipulation. Choosing right photo editing service provider is very important for color correction project. Otherwise, armature editor may flatten the photo while changing the color.

Raster to Vector

Raster to vector conversion is very popular to fix the issue with resolution. It converts the poor resolution of an image into high resolution. We can enlarge or shorten a vector image frequently without any damage. Vector conversion is more popular in printing media than digital media since it ensures the best outcome of the applied color while printing. We have number of vector specialist for solid vector conversion.

We edit image for Amazon and eBay

Amazon Picture Requirements

Our editing team is always ready to prepare your image for Amazon and eBay according to their specific image requirements. Just put your photo to us and get the picture ready for e-commerce.

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Complete Image Solution for Online Store

Product Photo Editing

We ensure proper product photo editing to increase your eCommerce sales. Better image editing for your web store is a must for attracting your potential customers. Let us edit for you, and you enjoy the sell hike.

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Image Editing Process

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The first step to start with us is to request a quotation. We will check your images and provide the quote within 45 minutes. If you approve the prices, we will proceed with the free sample.


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What is clipping path service?

a knife that cuts photo

Photo clipping path service is one of the most popular photo editing services required for removing the background. It is a type of vector path drawn with the pen tool; the shape can be straight, round, or cryptic. The selection is drawn out of several anchor points. The beginning and the ending anchors are joined together to make a complete shape of the clipping path. Anything within the selection is included, and everything outside is excluded when the path is applied. The fewer anchor points, the better the path quality should be.

What is the purpose of clipping path service?

There are various uses of clipping path in the image editing industry. We always prefers manual photo clipping. Some popular forms of the uses of clipping path have been noted down below:

  • The most widespread use of image clipping is to remove the photo background. The necessary part of the object is selected with photo clipping, and once it is applied, any unnecessary part outside the selection is removed.
  • It is also commonly used for color correction or manipulation, called multiple clipping paths. The path must be very accurate when it aims to change color. It will be very tough for any amateur DTP to accomplish this work.
  • Masking is another important background removal technique that requires a clipping path while masking the background.
  • It plays a vital role in cropping and centering the objects of an image.
  • While retouching the photos, it’s also used frequently.

Who need clipping path service?

  • Photographer
  • Web Administrator
  • E-shop
  • Printing and Publication Media
  • Graphic Designer
  • Visualizer
  • Film and Media Personal

Moreover, anyone dealing with images for professional purpose may require clipping path service.



We ensure the smooth handling of your editing project

Our production house is well-equipped to process your photo as per your expectation. We are available 24/7 to serve you with image editing services at any time. Therefore, you may place an order or request a quotation anytime.

We have some specific criteria that ensure the best quality and accuracy of image clipping path service:

  • Our experience and motivation enable us to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Our designers draw path manually using the Photoshop pen tool instead of any shortcut method to maintain the standard quality.
  • We have a robust operational strategy that ensures quality. It runs in a cyclic notion which consists of five paddles.
  • We guarantee 100% money-back in case of any dissatisfaction.

Bulk Offer: The more extensive your quantity, the greater we offer!

  • Get up to 50% discount on a bulk order containing 500-3000 images! It will be determined based on complexity, turnaround, file size, etc.
  • If needed, we will customize a dedicated team for your project so that they can maintain consistency in the photo editing process.
  • We also provide a flat rate for ongoing projects. It will ease the processing of your orders. You don’t need to think of price and delivery. We will start working as soon as you place an order to meet the delivery as per the given deadline.


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