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What is Image Masking in Editing?

Image masking is an image editing technique that removes background with fuzzy surfaces, e.g. hairs and fur. Image masking is the method employed for separating the subject of an image from the background. Photoshop masking is different from the layer masking tool used.

Different Types of Image Masking Services

We categorize Photoshop masking services in terms of complexity, file size and hair or background color. The price for masking service varies depending on the image type. Complex images are a bit more expensive than the simple ones.

Simple Photo: starts from 1.49 USD

The complexity of the masking service depends on the hair and background colors. Images with smooth and easy backgrounds are classified as simple. Thus, the easy image needs the least effort for background removal. The price starts from just 1.49 USD. The image quantity, file size, and turnaround also play essential roles in determining the cost. We can process around 2000 simple photo masking units. Yes, a special discount is always available for a large project with regular projects.

Medium Photo Masking: starts from 2.49 USD

However, we consider the mask layer images as a medium, which is more time-consuming and requires non-destructive process than simple ones. This type of image has more tricky background. It is not easily separable from the hair color. It may take around half an hour to process a single image of this kind. We may offer you USD 2.49 per image for a large volume of masking images and regular projects. We have more than 1000 image production capacities of this kind.

Complex Image Masking: starts from 3.49 USD

Yes, this image has too much flaying hair or fur. The background of the image typically has multiple layers of colors. Hair color and background color are almost similar. A designer must spend a lot of time extracting this photo. Some images may take around an hour to complete. We must engage our best designers for this project to ensure professional quality. The best price we can offer for this type of image is 3.49 USD per image. We can process 300-600 complex pictures per day

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definition at a glance

Photoshop masking is one of the photo editing techniques used to extract the subject from its original background like a clipping path does. Clipping path and image masking are two different image editing techniques, though both serve the same purpose. Usually, clipping is applied to cut out the images with a solid and precise edge. At the same time, Photoshop masking technique isolates the pictures with a subtle edge like hair, fur, leaves, etc.

What are image masks used for?

with examples

As described in the definition, the primary purpose of image masking is to remove the background of an image to assign a professional background. It is also known as as hair masking since image masking is applied to isolate the hair image most of the cases. Let me point down the most popular use of it:

  • to extract hair or fur
  • to extract glass
  • to delete any specific part of an image
  • to select any specific color of an image

Types of Image Masking

depending on the procedure

Various other image masking techniques and technologies are offered, which all have their own unique benefits and uses for different images. It is important to understand each person's difference and find a solution that fits their needs. Is this an example of image masks?

Color Separation Technique

In this method, the background color of masked image must be different from the subject's color. If the hair or fur color is black, the background color of clipped image must be white or any other light color. If this method works, the DTP will adjust the color of the image in such a way that it will intensify the difference between the background and foreground. Finally, the designers apply quick selection tools to select the object without harming any part of the image. It makes smooth and professional extraction without damaging the hair or fur.

Alpha Channel Masking

Each layer panel the image has different attributes for eliminating actions including removal of background. Also various techniques must apply, is it true? Different image requires different approaches. Alpha channel masking involves some complicated methods to do masking. These alpha channel masks have two different types, that are relatively easy to use. When you need to cover up your hair, the choice of these areas can be difficult. If the object has enough contrast, alpha channel masking techniques are easier to apply. We use the palette of channels to find which channels provide the best contrast.

Extract tool

The extract tool is also quite effective for complex hair masking. Extract tool erases the background and keep the foreground intact. The accuracy of brush tool depends on the proper customization of the options. The designers need to be very expert and experienced to do well with auto extraction tools in Photoshop.

Background eraser tool

The background eraser tool is the most famous tool used for Photoshop masking. In this case, you must create a clipping path around the solid area. It keeps the bottom layer of the object intact while applying the background eraser tool. It is quite a subtle technique. If anything goes wrong, the details of hair or fur will be lost. So while applying pen tool for this technique, you must be careful about the flying hair. Test the hair against both black and white backgrounds. It will ensure quality work without losing the flying hair or fur.