Photoshop Reflection

What is Photoshop Reflection?

Photoshop reflection can enhance the appearance of an image dramatically. It’s the mirror view of an image that makes an atmosphere as if the subject is lying on a mirror. It’s also well known as mirror effect.

Use of Photoshop Reflection:

The main goal of Photoshop reflection is to increase the appeal of an image. Photo reflection is frequently used on both printed and online media like newspaper, magazine, booklet, prospectus, catalogue, web store etc. Then the main goal of using an image is to attract it’s viewers who are directly or indirectly consumers, Photoshop reflection plays a great role.

How to Do Photo Reflection?

While it may seem difficult and complex to do so, it isn’t. Photo reflection is one of the easiest ways of enhancing the images. There are many ways you can reflection of your images. Here are six easy steps that you can use for Photoshop Reflection.

Step One: At first you have to cut out the main subject from the background. Photoshop pen tool is the best option in this regard. Draw clipping path around the subject and cut out the subject onto a transparent layer.

Step Two: Use the marquee tool (or just use M which is the keyboard shortcut). Draw a box that is around an area of your image that you intend to make as the reflection. Make sure you select the whole bottom part. Then, copy the selection on to a new layer. Press Ctrl + J on windows and Command + J on Mac.


Step Three: Bring the newly copied layer below the main subject layer. Select the cutout portion by clicking Ctrl + T on windows and Command + T on Mac. Then, select “Flip Vertical” by right clicking the mouse. Now level the bottom top with the bottom of the main subject.

flip vertical

Step Four: Now, add layer mask to the layer of the flipped object. Here, you have to apply “gradient tool” to make it reflective. Hit the‘d’ key on the keyboard to set the foreground/background colors to default, then press ‘x’ to switch them. At this point you should be seeing black as the foreground color and white as the background color. Apply gradient as per the requirement.

layer mask

Step Five: In this step you have apply little bit blackness to the bottom of the main product and on top of the reflection to make the difference visible between the main subject and its reflection. Take a new layer in between the main product layer and the reflection layer. Then make a selection by holding Ctrl or Command and clicking on the main object layer. Then, expand the selection with 1-3 pixels as needed. Apply 2 pixels feather to the selection and apply black with brush tool.

Final Step: You may apply natural drop shadow to the images to make it more natural. We will find a complete tutorial on how to create natural drop shadow in our blog post.

 Photoshop reflection

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