eCommerce Product Photo Editing Services

USA sells around 547690- 604091 million USD products over the internet. Statistics shows how important it is to edit your product photos properly to have led over this rising market of eCommerce.


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Whether you use a smartphone for shooting or a professional photographer, you will need software to edit and organize digital images. Remember, a picture is worth thousands of words; therefore, eCommerce sites and online stores use high-quality product pictures. For this reason, eCommerce photo editing has become a must-have for photographers, content marketers, and manufacturers.

It doesn’t matter if you sell a single product or a large inventory containing various products; you can’t ignore images. An impressive photo can make customers pull out their credit/debit cards. After product photography, photo editing is integral to each online store. Most eCommerce sites have to deal with a vast number of images; therefore, a reliable product image editing service becomes inevitable.

Online Photo Editing Services

You will need reliable photo editing services if you want to edit thousands of photos quickly. Clipping MaskAsia offers high-quality photo editing services at an affordable price. With their professional team and experience, they edit thousands of photos daily.

They have a group of young and passionate people from different backgrounds, such as multimedia, design, fashion design, graphic design, and software engineering. With the best professionals, it will be easy for you to retouch and enhance each photo. You can attract lots of customers with high-quality eCommerce photos.

Background Removal of an Image

Remember, if a perfectly edited photo can attract new customers, a poorly edited photograph can hamper your business. You have to consider enhancement and retouching services for eCommerce photos. It will give a boost to your sales.

The best product photo editing services offer hand-drawn clipping path service to ensure perfect background removal. Remember, a short-cut technique, such as an auto-selection app or magic tools, can’t guarantee the professional quality of photo cutouts. Experts can deliver a quality cut-out.

Things to Do with a Photo

Without attractive photos, it can be difficult to attract people to your eCommerce store. If you want to enhance a picture, here are several things to do with it.

Photo Clipping

Photoshop clipping allows you to cut out photos from their current backgrounds to apply different backgrounds. A vector mask drawn with Photoshop pen tools ensures perfect background removal. Being one of the best product photo editing companies, CMA offers various clipping path services to remove the image background. Our Photoshop experts offer hand-drawn photo clipping instead of using a magical tool.

Image Masking

If you can use Photoshop, try the masking techniques to cut out photos with subtle edges, such as models' hair. Remember, the image masking technique can help if photo clipping is unsuitable for a perfect cutout. This technique can be time-consuming and complicated for a layperson. For this reason, expert product photo editing services may help you to apply image masking within a few minutes. Always hire an experienced professional with the latest image editing software and technique.

Photo Manipulation

With this technique, you can manipulate the missing part of a photo to make it complete. This service is famous for garments product images. Photo manipulation is also known as the ghost mannequin effect or neck manipulation. After choosing a perfect product photo editor, it will be easy for you to get the advantage of photo manipulation. Using eCommerce image editing services, you can give a ghost mannequin effect to your pictures. It will decrease the necessity of using an actual human figure to display products. Professionals can create a hollow mannequin effect.

Drop Shadow

With natural drop shadow, it is possible to enhance the product photo. It helps to create a genuine connection between the background and the product image.
Adding a natural shadow can make things more attractive and realistic. We use the best product photo editors to create the shadow effect. Remember, it will require high-resolution, well-lit, sharp photos that look real. Your customers must be clear about your photos. Any confusion in the mind of customers about your products and services can be dangerous for your business.

Use Numerous Photos of a Product

To attract clients, give them detailed information about your product. Take photos from different angles to share comprehensive details. Consumers want to see the side, back and front of a product. Showcase the inside of your products to stand out in the market. People need a personal feel; you may grab their attention quickly with extraordinary photographs. It will help you to increase conversion rates. Moreover, take a picture of different colors.

Don’t Ignore Frame

With product photo editing software, you may create the best images. In this process, people often ignore the image frame. Avoid leaving an excessive white background. Feel free to dedicate photos to showcase each aspect of your product, such as sizes, colors, and dimensions.

360°/3D Packshot Retouching

For product display in 360° or animation video, give Packshot Retouch for photo shot at different angles. For 3D Packshot Retouching effects, you can hire product image editing online services. They may provide you with varying options for output.

Editing and Color Correction

Color correction is necessary for eCommerce photos. The multi-clipping path is an excellent way to upgrade and correct color. Moreover, pay attention to the exposure of the images while modifying or changing colors.

Photo Cleaning Process

Adobe Photoshop has different tools to clean images and give them a new look. A clone stamp tool, pen tool, and brush tool can remove spots, scratches, and dust from eCommerce photos. Choose our product photo editing services if you have numerous pictures to clean, crop, and resize. Professional service providers can help you to complete photo editing projects with 100% quality.

Raster – Vector Conversion

Vector image and raster image are two variations of image formatting. Bitmaps or raster files depend on pixels, and vector images use paths to create photos. Remember, numerically-based paths allow files don’t distort after resizing. It is an ideal method for pictures and text to maintain their precision. Convert a bitmap image into a vector photo with Adobe Illustrator.

For your logo, you can prefer a vector image. It will help you get the best results for printing purposes. Raster to vector conversion can be complicated, but you can make it easy with our product photo editing services. Their experts can deal with this conversion with the best editing software.

Photo Editing Requirements for Amazon

Amazon is one of the best eCommerce stores to sell your products and services. Remember, you will face rigorous competition on Amazon. You must grab customers' attention with different tactics to beat this competition. With amazon product image editing, this task will be extremely easy.

Before setting up a new page for a product or updating current listings, you must meet guidelines about photo size, image size, background color, file format, image frame, and image color mode. A professional photo editor can help you to meet all these requirements.

Amazon allows you to post almost 7 – 9 photos of a product. You must give your client a clue about your product's best features. Each image must be square to decrease strain on the eyes of the clients. You can arrange and crop photos in different sizes. Adjust your photos in a square frame to increase its visibility.

Image Composition for Ecommerce Products

A professional product photo editor can put numerous images together to create an advertising or product photo. By composing product photos for your eCommerce platform, it will be easy for you to create amazing concepts.

Benefits of Product Picture Editing Services    

Outstanding Photos editing is changing the eCommerce market. It allows you to beat your competitors. Photo editing involves a package deal, such as photo retouching, photo sharpening, background change, and using unimaginable filters. It takes days or hours to concentrate on photo editing, but professional photo editing services can make this job easy. With their help, customers will get exceptionally colorful and eye-catching photos. By outsourcing this project, you can get the following advantages:

  • Better client engagement
  • Save cost and time
  • Retain current customers
  • Increase focus on primary business activities
  • Obtain top-quality images

Improve Sales with High-Quality Images

If you want to increase sales of your products, you will need high-quality photos of your products. These can help you to make the product more appealing and convince customers to buy your products. Remember, less appealing and low-quality digital images can prevent customers from purchasing products from your website.

With eCommerce product photo editing, it is possible to increase the appeal of original photos. Share high-quality but original images of your products to build the trust and confidence of customers. After seeing these images, your customers will get an idea about the quality of your products.

Make Products Unique with Professional Retouching

In numerous cases, you can attract customers by uniquely presenting your products. Several online eCommerce stores pay zero attention to the presentation of their products. By appealingly presenting a product, you can increase the interest of customers.

You must not present your products in plain and dull pictures. With photo retouching services, you can give a new life to ordinary images. You shuld hire product photo editing services if you don’t want gloomy photos. Fashion retouching is becoming popular among eCommerce website owners. A few business owners prefer models to market and advertise their products. It can be a good move to promote your goods and services.

After hiring a model, they ignore the importance of fashion retouching. It is not good because the procedure of retouching can make product images look stunning. Fashion retouching involves product photo editing software to remove flaws from the model's skin and improve the appeal of images. Moreover, color corrections are necessary to create a positive and attractive outlook in the mind of customers.

Brand Building

Images are essential to building your brand. Businesses must focus on a specific editing style, such as cropping pattern, saturation of colors, nature of photographs, focusing patterns, and subjects used. These things will help you to create a brand-aware editing photo. It may lead you to increase the number of loyal customers for your business.

The main object of photo editing is to increase the quality of images. Businesses don’t need mediocre images to represent their services and products. A reliable photo editor allows you to change a photo's quality and complexion instantly. As a result, your photos will look alluring to customers. For example, McDonald's uses high-quality images to increase sales.

Build Credibility and Respectability

Photo editing allows businesses to achieve credibility in a tough-as-nails market. Almost 46% of people can trust a company that shows original images on the website instead of stock images. To build credibility, you should edit your photos professionally without misleading your audience.

Photo-intensive Activities Become Easy

If your business relies on images and photographs of products, you will regularly need high-quality photos. Remember, the overall quality of images is vital for customers to make a purchase decision. With photo editing services, it will be easy to define proper editing parameters.  

Nowadays, social media is an important marketing channel for businesses. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, each company has numerous options to bring customers. Professionally edit your images to add visual cues, attractive art, and other effects. It will be a head-start for your business over your competition.

Product photograph editing services are beneficial for reusing your images. With these tools, you can use an image for different purposes by changing its background. You can modify different images for your marketing campaign.

Professional photo editing is an excellent way to customize your images to have a fantastic impact on different platforms. You can compress and resize images and crop them as per your needs. It will help you to increase your business gains with targeted advertising.