Photoshop Drop Shadow

What is drop shadow?

Drop shadow is the fallen shading of any existence. It is created out of light effect. It’s normally dark or gray substance that resembles the shape of the subject.

Photoshop Drop Shadow

What is Photoshop drop shadow?

When a shadow is created manually with the use of photo editing software Photoshop it’s called Photoshop drop shadow.

Use of Shadow:

Photoshop drop shadow serves different purposes. Then main of it is to create natural appearance of the subject. It creates natural connection of the subject with the background. Let’s think of a product image. It can be a can. When we cut out the can from its original background and put it on pure white background for professional use, it looks amateur because it doesn’t have any natural connection with the newly used white background. It seems as if the can is floating on white background. Adding natural drop shadow can resolve the issue. It can make real connection between the can and newly used background that creates a real and professional image.

Types of Shading:

In terms of shadow creation Photoshop drop shadow can be divided into two types: a. original shadow b. natural shadow. In case of original shadow the DTP keeps the shape of original shadow while creating the shading. In contrast, natural drop shadow is created manually and the shape of the shadow has to be as perfect as the natural one.

In terms of density, it’s divided into two types as well: i. soft shadow ii. hard shadow. While the density of darkness is not that much high it’s called soft shadow. The shape of soft shadow is not sharp rather it’s quite blur. In contrast, hard shading is quite sharp and the density of darkness is dipper than soft shadow.

How to Create Shading:

The first step of creating the shading is to determine the angle or the direction of focusing on it. It has to be created in the opposite side to the light source. So, it’s important to identify the light source as well. The sense perception of the graphic designer is very important in this regard. An experienced graphic designer can create the best shading effect.

The next step is to cut out the image from its original background and to put it on a transparent background. Then you have to take two more layers under the layer of the subject. The lower layer should be pure white and the upper one is the desired layer for creating the hollow man effect.

Now, create a clipping path layer and draw the shape of the shading with Photoshop pen tool. Then, select the path, apply necessary feather (it depends on the resolution of the image) and make the selection area black. Don’t forget to add necessary blur to the black layer. The next step is to touch up the shadow dimension to give the best shape. Finally adjust the opacity according to the requirement. It can be 40% or 50% or 60% or anything that will make the shadow most realistic.

Quality Lies in Expertise:

It may seem that, it’s very simple to create Photoshop drop shadow. Yes, it’s simple but the quality requires experience and expertise of the designer. So, be careful before assigning your right vendor to assist you in your drop shadow project.

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