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Clipping Mask Asia has mastered and art of professional photo cut-out service. Let us be your image cut-out partner for professional Photoshop post-production.

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If you are looking for photo cut out service for professional purpose, you are on the right place. Different techniques are applied to cut the background of an image. We ensure the best methods to ensure utmost quality like-

  • clipping path
  • image masking
  • multiple clipping path
  • channel masking
  • color separation etc.

All these techniques can easily isolate the photo from the existing background to apply a new and professional background. It is a tiresome and boring work but very necessary. Clipping Mask Asia has a great potential to meet the task. We would love to discuss more about the cut out services available at CMA in terms of your preferences.

Easy Image Cut Out: 0.39 USD Each

  • straightforward images
  • require 5-6 anchor points to create an overall selection
  • some examples of this type of photo are pens, bags, round dishes, rings, squire-shaped products, cosmetics products, apples, oranges etc.
  • 100% hand-drawn photo clipping
  • more than 5000 image processing capacities per pay.

Medium Photo Cut Out: 0.69 USD Each

  • a bit more complex than a simple category
  • requires 10-12 anchor points
  • examples: chairs, tables, furniture, shoe, sun-glass, earring, umbrellas, bags
  • manual clipping path
  • 3000-4000 processing capacity  per day

Complex Photoshop Cut Out: 1.49 USD Each

  • images between the medium and super complex
  • 20-30 anchor points needed
  • furniture images, jewellery photos, decorative photos, electric accessories etc.
  • more than 3000 complex photo processing capacities

Super Complex Cut-Out: 0.69 USD Each

  • photos with too complex shapes
  • need to create hundreds of anchor points
  • example: bicycles, thistle lamps, chains, group photos, plants, etc.
  • 1+ hour for each file
  • 1000 image processing capacities per day

Model Image Cut Out: 1.99 USD Each

  • model images with hair or fur
  • need both clipping path and image masking
  • human and furry animals photos
  • requires 15-60 minutes for each image
  • 1200 photo processing capacity

Multiple Color Cut-out: 0.99 USD Each

  • perfect for color correction and color manipulation
  • different colors are selected separately
  • requires sophisticated clipping path skills
  • no color bleeding
  • 100 image production capacity per day

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