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Photoshop image cut out is a digital image cut out technique with the help of Adobe Photoshop. There are different techniques applied to cut background out of photo like clipping path, image masking, quick selection, etc. With the help of these techniques we can easily isolate the photo from the existing background. It enables us to apply a new and professional background. This is one of the mostly used Photoshop techniques of optimizing photos for professional application. It is a tiresome and boring work but very necessary. Therefore, most of the photographers prefer to outsource the task to minimize their effort of creating awesome image. Clipping Mask Asia has a great potential to meet the task. We would love to discuss about the cut out service available at CMA in terms of different categories.

Types of Photoshop Cut Out Image Service at Clipping Mask Asia

Easy Image Cut Out: 0.39 USD Each

Straightforward images go in this category. This type of photo should not require more than 5-6 anchor points to create an overall deep etch. Some examples of this type of photo are pens, bags, round dishes, rings, squire-shaped products, cosmetics products, apples, oranges etc. We apply hand-drawn photo clipping on this image to ensure perfect cut-out. We have more than 5000 image processing capacities of this kind per pay.

Complex Photoshop Cut Out:

The images between the medium and super complex are considered complex images. We have to draw 20-30 anchor points for the overall selection. Different types of furniture images, jewellery photos, decorative photos, electric accessories etc., can be considered complex ones. We have more than 3000 complex photo processing capacities each day.

Hair Cut Out Service:

The image with hair or fur requires special treatment to remove the background. Both clipping path and image masking techniques are necessary for this type of image. A clipping path is applicable on the solid shame, and photo masking is required on the hairy parts. Human portraits and furry animals go under this category. Each photo of this kind requires 15-60 minutes for smooth processing. We can deliver around 1200 photos of this kind per day.

Medium Photo Cut Out: 0.69 USD Each

A bit more complex than a simple image goes in this category. It should require 10-12 anchor points all over the clipping path. Some famous examples of this image are chairs, tables, furniture, shoe, sun-glass, earring, umbrellas, bags etc. Of course, a manual clipping path is created for cutting out the image from the background for the best quality. We can process around 3000-4000 medium complex photos per 24 hours without hassle.

Super Complex Photo Cut-out:

The most complex photos go in this category. It includes a bicycle, thistle lamp, chain, group photo, plants, difficult shape photo with enormous loops etc. This type of photo requires uncountable anchor points to deep etch the background. The average working hour on this type of photo is 1-2 hours. We have 1000 super complex image processing capacities per day.

Multiple Color Cut Out:

Multiple deep etching service is applicable for color correction. If the images with multiple color need to be enhanced, different colors should be selected separately for correcting separate color. This is a complex technique that requires special clipping skill. We have a strong team of multiple clipping path who can process around 100 photos of this kind.

Explaining common questions regarding photo cut-out service with us

Typical Turnaround Required for the Service:

The regular time we require for providing clipping path service for up to 500 images is 24 hours. The deadline can be as fast as 3 hours. The price can be higher for faster turnaround. However, if you allow us twenty-four hours, we will offer you the regular price from our side.

Load Handling Capacity of Clipping Mask Asia:

Depending on the complexity level, we can process up to 2500 images daily. If the images are too complex and time-consuming, the daily volume might decrease. Besides our regular team, we have a reserved team who can handle the extra load at our production. Of course, you may rely on us for any quantity of image clipping service within your given deadline.

Special Offer and Quality Assurance:

Clipping Mask Asia offers a special price for a large volume. The discount starts from 250+ images per batch. The larger the quantity, the higher the discount. We count the image volume as per order placement within 24 hours. We also offer special prices for ongoing projects. Suppose you have 5000 photos, but you will get around 100 pictures per day. We will consider it as a 5000+ image batch for a higher discount. We are always very flexible with payment. Usually, we send invoices per week. Sometimes it can be per 15 days or one invoice per month at your convenience.

Of course, quality is our top priority. We demand payment only when you are satisfied with the quality of our service. If needed, we do frequent corrections without any questions. Even if the revision fails to serve your purpose, we exclude it from our price calculation sheet. Therefore, we guarantee quality work with complete satisfaction.

How to Create Deep Etch Myself with Adobe Photoshop

If you are willing to accomplish your small cut-out photo background project by yourself instead of hiring a professional background removal service provider, please follow the following steps to create a deep etch on your image. Different photo cut-outs methods include background erasers, color separation, and pen tool selection. We will discuss all these methods one by one.

Method One: Color Separation Technique


Open the image in Photoshop, copy the background layer, and start working on the duplicated background layer. Keep the original background layer untouched.


Go to the channel layer. Select each channel layer separately. Check which channel selection makes the most difference between the image object and background.

Now, go to the levels adjustment panel: Image>Adjustments>Levels

Adjust the levels to make the object darker, like in the screenshot.

Finally, you have to make a selection and cut out photos from the original background. You can select by pressing Ctrl/Command + single click on the chosen channel layer. Inverse the selection by pressing Ctrl/Command + shift + i. Apply soft feathers from 0.2-0.4 pixels to make the cut-out smooth. Go to the original image layer(untouched layer) and cut out with Ctrl/Command + j. Congratulation, you are done with color separation deep etching.

Method Two: Background Eraser Tools

Sometimes, photographers apply background eraser tools to remove the background. The limitation of this tool is that it can not extract the subject of multiple color photographs accurately without the help of other deep etching techniques. If we consider a model image, we will understand the difference correctly. It requires a hand-drawn clipping path along with background eraser tool treatment for better extraction.

Please have a look at the video tutorial to learn how to apply image masking technique with the help of the Photoshop eraser tool to extract model images:

Method Three: Deep etching with the Help of Pen Tool

Most of the product photographs are deep-edged with the Photoshop pen tool. We will show you how to deep etch with pen tool selection.

Open the image in Photoshop first. You can open images in Photoshop in different ways. The simplest way to open the photo in Photoshop is to right-click on the photo and then select open with Photoshop. You can also drag the image and drop it into Photoshop to open the file. If there are multiple files to open, select all the files and drag them all on the opened Photoshop program to open all images at a time.

Select the Photoshop pen tool from the toolbar.

Adjust pen tool mode according to the given screenshot.

pen tool adjustment

Take a new path layer from the layer panel.

path layer

Create a clipping path with 300-400% zoom to get the best deep etching quality. Below, the path progress is shown with screenshots.

Once you complete drawing a deep etch around the subject, you must cut out the photo from the existing background. Select the path layer by pressing Ctrl/Command+one click on the path layer. Apply 0.3-0.5 pixel feather depending on the image resolution for smooth cut out. Now, press Ctrl/Command+j. It will cut out the subject in a transparent layer. You are done with your deep etching project.


We understand how boring it is to deep-etch multiple photos yourself. No worry; our deep etch team is always ready to assist you in your image cut-out project at a low cost.