Terms and Condition

We believe that, any kind of relation should go under certain condition. We will follow some terms and condition to maintain the relationship with you. It will acknowledge us as the service provider and you as honorable customer. We will be maintaining our relation in terms of the following conditions:

terms and condition

  • We will be identified as CMA(Clipping Mask Asia).
  • The information provided in this website is for the use of yours which is subject to change without any prior notice or announcement.
  • We are not abide by any kind of law if there is any inappropriate information or statement in our website.
  • None of the materials or information in our website is not subject to copyright. It’s completely owned by the authority of CMA(Clipping Mask Asia).
  • We shall not liable if you face any damage in your website in charge of unauthorized copyright.
  • Anybody more than eighteen years old can be our client or business partner.
  • Any kind of cyber crime against our website would be strongly treated.
  • Any add or link appeared in our website is for your convenience. We will not bear any responsibility for their interaction with you.
  • You may have to notify us before creating any link with our website.
  • CMA(Clipping Mask Asia) offers trial up to two images to show the quality our service if you are new to us and represent any company.
  •  You have options to fix your payment policy. It can be weekly or monthly along with pay per order. Weekly or monthly payment system is for our regular and corporate clients. It’s up to you to choose any of these policies that suits you best.
  • If you have more than three outstanding invoices, your order will be kept on hold and you will be notified to make the payment.
  • All the services (key words) are initiated within our own production house which is well protected by advanced antivirus and firewall technology.
  • We confess to maintain your privacy strictly; we never pass your information or images to any third party. This is most important issue of the terms and condition we maintain.