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It is essential to determine which image background removal service suits you. Different photo cut-out services are available, including clipping path, deep etching, Photoshop hair masking, etc. Most of these techniques are very popular for removing background from images. However, background removal service is classified based on image complexity. The standard background removal types are simple image, medium complex, complex image, multiple clipping paths, image masking, etc. Before proceeding with your project, let's discuss different background removal services that will help you choose the right photo cut-out option.

Popular Types of Background Removal Services We Offer

Simple Image: from $0.39 each

Explicit images go under this category. This image has a simple shape like a photo frame, water pot, bat, phone, book, pen, planting pot, ring, watch, spoon, bottle, orange, etc. Creating the clipping path should require 10 anchor points at most for this type of image. Of course, a straight clipping is sufficient for it. Usually, we apply a 100% hand-made vector path for this kind of photo for the background cut out to ensure professional quality. We can process around 5000 simple images per day.

Complex Image: from $1.49 each

In terms of complexity, this type of photo goes to level three. Common examples of this category are bikes, cars, parts, machinery, wheel-chair, ladder, etc. This category is also subject to manual clipping. We can process more than 2000 complex images per day. Since this is a more time-consuming task than simple and medium ones, the price is higher comparatively. Our team is always ready to handle your rigorous pressure to remove image backgrounds to ease your product selling procedure over the internet.

Image Masking: from $1.99 each

Photoshop hair masking is another popular technique to remove the background from an image with fur and hair. Sometimes it is also called hair masking. Plant image, model image with hair, furry animal photo, furry clothes, and garments are very common to which image masking technique is applied. Photo clipping doesn’t work as well as masking on hair or fur images, but it works as a helping hand to accomplish the task. Our experts can handle more or less 1000 photos per day for image masking service.

Combo Technique: from $1.99 each

However, some images need several techniques together to cut out the background. Plant image is the best example of this category. This type of photo requires clipping path, photo masking, and even the magic wand treatment simultaneously to remove the background. Yes, it takes longer than simple photos, and the price goes higher for this reason. Our production capacity for this type of photo is more than 1500 units per day. Remember, only expert hands can handle plant photos properly, ensuring a subtle background removal service.

Medium Complex: from $0.69 each

More complex images than simple ones belong to this medium category. This category comprises chairs, tables, desks, beds, sofas, wrists, t-shits, shirts, trousers, suits, earrings, cameras, shoes, goggles, small accessories, scissors, etc. Handmade deep-etch is applied to this image to make the background removal service as good as possible. It requires only one clipping and more than 20 anchor points. Our production capacity for this type of photo is around 4000 per day.

Super Complex: from $2.49 each

We consider the most complex images as super complex which takes too much time to be clipped with the help of Photoshop pen tool for background removal. The most popular photos go in this category are bicycle, necklaces, net, group image etc. Normally , this type of image holds numerous holes. We can handle around 500 super complex images in 24 hours. No short cut technique is applied in these photos as well, that ensures seamless background removal service. In addition, we don’t offer free trial on super complex image.

Multiple Clipping Path: from $0.99 each

Besides removing background, multiple clipping path service is required for photo manipulation, Photoshop color correction, color manipulation, and color enhancement. Each image holds many clipping paths to make a selection of specific areas. The most common variants of images subject to multiple clipping are trousers, shirts, pants, shoes, jewelry, car, bike, furniture, accessories, package, poster, cards, wrists, models, etc. Depending on the complexity, we can produce around 1000 images of multiple clipping paths daily.

Object Removal: from $0.99 each

You may need to remove to erase some unnecessary objects from the photo to make it more appealing and professional. We accomplish this task with the help of different retouching tools like the pen and clone stamp tools. The complexity level of this type of service varies in a wide range. So, making an offer requires viewing the photos closely. We have several retouching experts who can provide unwanted object removal services with more than 500 photos daily.

Answering Common Questions Regarding Background Removal Services

What is the use of background removal service?

Indeed, there are different applications of background removal services. The most striking reason is to fit your photo over the internet to make successful sales. A clean image is a must for an e-commerce website. You will shoot a picture of your product, and we will edit it to ensure the best appearance of your products on your website. It is also used for printing and publishing purposes like fashion and modeling, advertisement, news reporting, creative design, composition, etc. Photo cut-out is considered the primary stage of animation production. The animation industry frequently uses thousands of photos and frames to create attractive animated videos. Animation is nothing but a combination of still photos and drawings. Digitized sketch and drawing needs background removal treatment to use for animation.

Can I have a free trial to test the quality?

Of course, you may have two free trials to test the quality of our service. We require you to submit the free trial request form to proceed with the trial. Just fill up the form and upload your files to get the sample done. Our customer support team will review your image and requirement carefully and come back with a quotation within half an hour to one hour. Once you are happy with the price offer, we will proceed with the free trial for a quality test. We guarantee a hundred percent satisfaction with photo cut-out service at a low cost.

Why to chose Clipping Mask Asia?

You may appoint us to remove the background of your photos because we can save money and time with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The editing team is available 24/7 to handle your photo cut-out project. The customer support team will always reply to your query within one hour. In case of any worst situation, if we miss the deadline, we compensate for the delay with a discount.

How to start with CMA to remove the background from the image?


Request for a Quote


Quotation and Sample Approval


Place Order

It is straightforward to start with us. You have to go to our quotation request form first. It will allow you to upload the files to our server via an easy upload system. After uploading the images, you will need to fill up the form with the details of your requirement. Then, submit the form. Our customer support team will review your images and consider your background removal request in detail. The photos will be categorized according to complexity level to make the best possible quotation. We will proceed with free trials for quality tests if you agree to the quote. Once you are happy with the quality of the trial image, we will proceed directly with the order.

What technique is applied to remove background from image?

Of course, it depends on the image. Most images require a manual clipping path for background extraction, while some may also need masking techniques. Hand-drawn clipping path with the help of Photoshop pen tool ensures the best cut-out quality for solid-edged photos. We apply photoshop masking method on hair and fur images for subtle extraction. In case of some tricky images like a plant photo, we may use a magic wand upon your permission to minimize your cost.

What is the deadline?

Our standard deadline is 24 hours, but we can make it faster according to your need. Turnaround starts from 3 hours. You can always check the status of your project by propping a query mail. Our support team will respond immediately with the progress report of your order.

Bulk Offer for Background Removal Services at Clipping Mask Asia

Yes, we offer special discounts for large quantities of images for image cut-out services. It starts from 5 percent, which can be as much as 50 percent. The discount range is determined based on image quantity. It applies to any kind of background removal service like clipping path, image masking, combo extraction, etc. The offer depends on the volume per order or the number of images per week. We fix it upon mutual discussion regarding the project and image flow.

Some Points to Remember Before Hiring Your Image Background Removal Partner

• Make sure to confess your preferred cut-out technique to remove the background from the image to the image editing service provider before hiring them.
• Don't always go for the lowest quote provider. Remember, quality goes with values.
• Consider the company's efficiency in handling the image flow you need to process regularly.
• The response time is also a matter of consideration for your convenience.

Now, it's your turn to select the exemplary background removal service suitable for your photos. Our support team will always assist you if you still need clarification about the best option. The Clipping Mask Asia team is always with you to ease your photo processing task. Removing the background from the image is relatively easy, but ensuring the quality makes the difference.

Some Samples of Background Removal Service