How to Set Up FTP(FileZilla Tutorial)

FTP(File Transfer Protocol) is the ultimate solution of massive upload/download. You can upload or download as many files as you wish with this system. This tutorial will provide detailed instructions needed to set up FTP account.

The first step of getting an FTP account is to ask for a FTP account on our server. Once you get your FTP details you are eligible to setup your account by following the below instructions:

Here is an example of FTP login details:


Username: [email protected]

Password: IOjlow#251s

The next step is to download FileZilla program for your computer. You can easily download FileZilla software for both Mac and Windows from here. Then, please install the program and launch it.

Now, please fill up the following information correctly to get the access at your account.


  • Go to “Site Manager” from file option and select”New Site”
  • Now, see the below screenshot. You will find all the indicated options to put your ftp details. Copy and pest your Host Name, Username, and make your Logon type “normal”


  • Finally click OK to save your account details.
  • In order to get connected please go to “Site Manager” again and select the account you have saved earlier and click on “connect”.
  • Yes, you are done, you will be able to enjoy unlimited file upload/download with your FTP account.
  • While placing an order just connect your FTP account, upload the images, and then login to your account at our website and submit an order form. When you will get the order completion notification just get connected with your FTP account ad start downloading the files.

Clipping Mask Asia is always ready to assist you. If you need any more assistance on FileZilla setup please contact us immediately.