We are always concern of how to make the uploads/download as convenient as possible. We support several options of receiving and sending files.

1. Web Upload/download: Once you get attempt to request a quote you will get the access to this system automatically. It’s very easy and readymade to use. Here you can upload up to 64mb file(each).

2. FTP Upload/Download: If you have large number of files we advise you to use this system. There is no file size limit to upload here. To get access to this system you have to register first. Learn more

3. Your own FTP Upload/Download: We have no disagreement to use your own FTP system. Just upload the files into your server and provide us the location along with login details. We will get the original files from there and upload there once those are ready.

4. Third Party Option: You may use any third party file sharing system like YouSendIt,  Dropbox, Google Drive, SendThisFile etc. In addition, after completing the files we will send it back via our own system and you will be able to download by using any of the first two options.