Best Software for Photo Manipulation

Sometimes it’s fun to play with Photoshop. The individuals who enjoy photography must enjoy the software most. The art of capturing the moment of real life becomes more artistic with the post shot processing of the images. The art of photography doesn’t evolve from the thought rather from the moment when the shot is taken and sometimes you need to edit the image to bring the perfection according to your imagination.

A photographer will simply raise the quest of how to make the image perfect. The simplest answer I feel is to touch up with different photo editing software to get the images rid of any flaw. Photo manipulation is one of the most interesting and useful photo editing techniques that can help you to overcome some crucial flaw of your images.

Let’s think of an artist and a photographer. Both of them deal with visual art. One paints with his imagination and another take the shot of real life. A photographer’s hand is more limited with comparison to an artist in general sense since the artist can paint as he wishes. Most of the times the photographer wishes to see his image a bit changed or modified like creating the missing part of an image to suit it with his artistic imagination.

Here comes the use of photo manipulation technique. It makes an image complete by manipulating any missing part of an image. It was a quite complex task to do it in the past but recently there are several photo editing programs to accomplish the task easily like Photoshop, Image Resizer Powertoy , and Faststone photo resize. Though Adobe Photoshop is quite expensive it’s the best program to achieve the desired image.

There is a wide range of scope of improving an image by applying photo manipulation technique. It can improve the photo by adjusting color, removing unnecessary wrinkles and fold, fixing tag, adding ghost effect or ghost mannequin etc. Ghost effect/neck insert is the most popular and powerful task of image manipulation technique. Background removing tools, eraser tools and wrap tools are used mostly while doing it in Photoshop.

Ghost effect can be accomplished by using several other photo editing programs as well but Photoshop is the best one. You can easily learn the step of manipulating the images with this program. In order to be an expert and professional you have to exercise frequently and learn the advanced technique of image manipulation.