Difference between Image Masking and Deep Etching

Difference between Image Masking and Deep Etching
Difference between Image Masking and Deep Etching

Both image masking and deep etching are applied for background removal. Both the techniques have different other technical names as well. The other terms for image masking are Photoshop masking, photo masking, image mask etc. On the other hand, deep etching is also known as clipping path, image clipping etc. Though both the techniques are applied for removing the background, each appears with distinct characteristics.

Deep etching is the most popular and straight forward photo cut out technique that is created with the help of Photoshop pen tool. A short of vector line is drawn with pen tool to make the selection of the object of an image. Whatever you will include inside the selection is included anything outside is excluded once the clipping path is applied. Creating clipping path is not that much tough and you can easily start with it by watching one or two Photoshop tutorial. However, image clipping has some limitations. You can’t apply it on any image to extract from the background. You can only apply this technique on the images with solid and clear edge like garments, books, toys, bags, accessories etc.

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In contrast, image masking is completely different procedure that is a bit complex with comparison to deep etching. The image that can’t be extracted with image clipping is extracted with Photoshop masking. Any image with hair, fur and fiber requires photo masking. Photo masking is actually a set of techniques and you have to select the most appropriate technique for your image by seeing the image. Even a single image may require different masking techniques as well. Background eraser technique, color separation, channel mask, Photoshop extract etc. are the most popular types of image masking. You can’t just start with these techniques without that much expertise and skills.

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There are other differences as well between these two popular image editing techniques. If you decide to use any professional image editing studios for background removal service you can have clipping path service for just $0.39 USD while you have to pay at least $2.49 USD for masking service.

Clipping path can be done without the help of image masking but you must need the help of clipping for masking treatment and photo masking is more time consuming than photo clipping.

Deep etching can be done by using a single Photoshop tool (pen tool) but you have to use different Photoshop tools for photo mask like background eraser tool, extract tool, brush tool, quick selection, color adjustment tools etc.

If you are new to Adobe Photoshop you should start with deep etching first then to proceed gradually towards image masking. You should learn at least three to four masking techniques to mask an image successfully. In the beginning you may not be able to mask out the background properly but practicing again and again will help you to do it properly. However, if you need to learn further any of these techniques please contact us without any hesitation. Even, you may choose our experts for your masking or image clipping project.

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