Photoshop Masking for Complex Image

Photoshop Masking is the ultimate solution for the images with subtle edge like fur and hair. Clipping Mask Asia has got a great team who can provide the service seamlessly.

Sometimes the image loses its appeal because of messy background. Let’s think of a couple who took a shot on a street of the busy New York City. The image captured the best expression of the couple but the problem is with the background since it’s not matching with the romantic appearance of the couple. In this case, the solution is to remove the existing background and place the couple in a romantic setting like a paradise garden. Photoshop Making appears as the ultimate solution of the issue.

Photoshop Masking is the best solution for extracting images with subtle edge. The images with hair or fur are the subject to this technique that keeps every detail of hair and fur intact. Since the couple has nice floating hair it requires masking instead of only clipping path. This is quite complex and time-consuming technique that requires expert desktop publishers.

Photoshop Masking involves different types of techniques to isolate the most complex picture to ensure nice and clean edge. It includes Alpha Channel Masking, Photoshop Collage Masking, Translucent Image Masking, Photoshop Transparency Masking and Advanced Layer Masking. Alpha Channel Masking is the most commonly used technique where Advanced Layer Masking is preferred by many clients for its open scope of further editing.

Background eraser tools, color separation tools, lasso tool, and magic eraser tool are very much popular in accomplishing Photoshop masking technique. Sometimes the designer has to recreate or to manipulate hair or fur to maintain the every detail naturally. If the image contains shadow behind the hair of fur it makes the masking quite complex; in this case, manipulation helps to get rid of the missing portion of the edge.

While doing Photoshop masking the designer should test it against black and white background to bring the best quality out of masking. Otherwise there may be unwanted dust in the background. If the background color matches with the color of hair or fur it becomes more complex to extract the object from the background. Here lies the expertise of a designer. A talented and experienced designer is capable of accomplishing the task without that much difficulty where it’s quite impossible for an amateur designer.

Photoshop masking technique is mostly used for model images. While creating any catalog, poster fashion magazine or e-commerce site it is frequently needed to separate the models from the existing background and to place on a new background. The result of masking technique depends on the expertise of the desktop publisher. Several outsourcing image editing studios are offering the service that makes it easier for the producer or photographer to get the images ready for final use within a short period of time at low-cost.