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Wedding rings are crucial for every couple. They spend a lot of money and time to choose them, and they also show their love for each other. That's why you need to know how to take good wedding ring photography and make them look special.

When you are a wedding photographer, you have to take wedding rings pictures. Your bride and groom will want to see their rings in your photos because they are proud of them. You can take pictures of the rings on their fingers, but you can also do more things.

You can use different things to make the marriage rings look more beautiful, like flowers, lights, or mirrors. You can also put the rings on something that matches the wedding theme or culture. But you have to be careful not to make the rings look less shiny than they are. You want to make them stand out in your photos.

In this photography blog, we’re going to discuss 19 incredible wedding ring photography ideas that will blow your mind. So, keep reading till the end of this blog post. Happy learning!

Top 19 Wedding Ring Photography Ideas in 2024

Wedding ring photos are a fun way to show off your love and style. You can use different backgrounds, props, angles, and lighting to make your rings shine. If you want some amazing ideas on how to capture creative wedding ring photography, here are some tips for you:

Idea#1: Use Reflections

One easy way to take a nice picture of the ring is to use something that reflects light, like a glass or a mirror. You don't have to look far to find something like that at a wedding venue. Just make sure it is clean and not dirty before you put the rings on it. You can use this trick to make the diamond sparkle more.
Use Reflections

Idea#2: Show Cultural Elements

Sometimes you will see something at a wedding that is special for that culture, like a flower, a symbol, or a color. If you can, try to take a picture of the ring with that thing. It will make the ring more meaningful and unique.

For example, look at how these rings are placed on the bride's little fingers!
Show Cultural Elements

Idea#3: Try Black & White Combination

Black and white photos are always classic and elegant, and they never get old. They can also make a photo more emotional and dramatic. You can take a black-and-white photo of the ring with something else like your couple holding hands or kissing. It will be a great photo for their album!
try black and white combination

Idea#4: Play With Backgrounds

Another famous wedding ring photography way to make the ring look more interesting is to use different backgrounds or foregrounds for your photos. You can use something that has a texture or a pattern, like a fabric, a paper, or a wall. You can also use something that is related to the wedding, like the bride's bouquet or dress. But remember that you don't want the background to be too bright or colorful, because it will take away the attention from the ring.
playing with backgrounds

Idea#5: Capturing with Hand-in-Hand Position

One of the simplest wedding ring photography tips to capture a picture of the ring is to focus on the hands of your couple. Their hands show their love and their connection. They also show their beautiful wedding rings. You can take a close-up or a wide shot of their hands, depending on what you want to show. Either way, these photos will look lovely.
Capturing with Hand in Hand position

Idea#6: Showing The True Love

You can also take a simple but special picture of the ring by matching it with something else. For example, you can match the ring with the color of your couple's clothes or accessories. This way, you can show how they belong together. You don't have to do too much to get a nice picture. Just capture your couple being happy and in love, and show their ring too.
showing the true love

Idea#7: Go with The Classic Couple Portrait

Another idea is to take a classic picture of your couple smiling or laughing together. Maybe the groom is whispering something funny or sweet in the bride's ear. This picture is very cute and natural, and you can't repeat it. You can also make sure that the ring is visible in this picture. You can put it in a corner or in the center of the photo. This way, you can show your couple and their ring at the same time.
go with the classic couple portrait

Idea#8: Keep The Wedding Rings Photography Simple

Sometimes, the best way to take a picture of the ring is to keep it simple and plain. You don't need any props or poses, just a white background that makes the ring shine more. This way, you can show how beautiful the ring is by itself.

This simple black-and-white shot lets your ring be the star of the show, and it will be a nice way to remember how it looked when it was new and perfect.
Keep the wedding rings photography Simple


Idea#9: Ring Exchange

The ring exchange is one of the most important moments of every wedding, so you have to capture it. You have to be fast and ready to take this shot. You don't have to focus on their faces, but on their hands while they are putting on the rings. This way, you can show the most important details while you can capture their emotions later.
ring exchange

Idea#10: Using Complementary Colors

You can also use colors to make your wedding ring photography look more attention-grabbing and lovely. You can use colors that are opposite or close to each other on the color wheel, like blue and orange or purple and yellow. These colors will make your ring stand out more in the photo. The main thing is not to use too many colors and keep the focus on the ring.
using complementary colors

Idea#11: Finding Out Some Exciting Textures

You can also use different textures and patterns for your backgrounds, like stone, wood, metal, or paper. These textures and patterns will make your photo more attractive and unique.

When you choose a background, pick something that goes well with the ring, its style, and its colors, without taking away the attention from it.
finding out some exciting textures

Idea#12: Managing Reflections Properly

Taking pictures of metal and diamonds can be hard because they reflect a lot of light. To avoid this problem, you can use paper around and under your camera lens. This will reduce the reflection effect and make your photo clearer. You will also need a good light for your photo, like a ring light that makes your ring look brighter.
managing reflections properly

Idea#13: Snapping With Natural Background

The place and the time of the wedding are very important for your couple, so you should try to show them in your photos too. You can take a picture of the place where they have their wedding and use some natural elements in it.

It can be leaves, branches, flowers, grass, or sand. It's also a good idea to take a picture of the ring with something that is special for your couple, like where they met or where they got engaged. These natural elements are easy to find around you.

For example, a simple dark stone or wood shows how strong the rings are, while soft fresh flowers show how delicate they are.
Snapping with Natural Background

Idea#14: Wedding Ring On Bouquet

Don't forget to capture a photo of the wedding rings on the lovely bouquet. You can also use the flowers as a background for your ring photo. You can place the rings inside or on top of the flowers to create beautiful photos.

Some wedding photographers think that this photo is too common or boring, but your couple spends a lot of time and effort to choose the bouquet for the bride. So, they can be surprised or sad if you don't take this picture.
Wedding ring on Bouquet

Idea#15: Wedding Ring With Champagnes

You can also take ring photos on a yummy wedding cake. If you don't want to ruin the cake, you can take a picture of the cake and a picture of the ring separately, and then put them together on your computer.

Never forget about the glasses of champagne. Here you can put the wedding rings in the champagne glasses. Then they will sparkle with a bridal mood. It’s a unique wedding ring photography idea!
wedding ring with champagnes

Idea#16: On Your Wedding Invitation

If you worked hard to make your wedding ceremony invitations, you could show off them again and have a photo taken with your wedding rings on top of them. If you want this fancy shot, make sure to keep an invitation for yourself as guests usually don't take along invitations to wedding ceremonies.

You will love this idea of how the photo shows the engagement ring too, as well as the pretty wedding rings. Never leave your original wedding ring out!
On Your Wedding Invitation

Idea#17: Throughout the Marriage Ceremony

You want your photographer to snap some photos of your wedding rings on your big day, right? Well, the best time to do that is when you are at the end of the aisle! You and your partner will be holding hands and not moving, which is great for showing off your beautiful wedding rings in a moment of real love.

Another great shot from this photo is that you can't see their faces, but you can feel their emotion in this photo.
Throughout the Marriage Ceremony

Idea#18: Ring with the Wedding Dress

You know how everyone loves to talk about your wedding dress and your ring? They are both so beautiful and special. Well, you should make them look even more amazing by taking a picture of them together. That way, you can show off how they match and sparkle. It will be a great photo for your wedding album.

This photo with the wedding dress which makes it look more elegant and classy.
Ring With the wedding Dress

Idea#19: Be Innovative in Your Wedding Ring Snapshots

If you and your partners love art, why not try making some of your favorite paintings or artworks with your rings? You will end up with a lot of creative wedding ring photos! You can follow this couple's idea to create a magical effect on your next wedding rings photography.

Look at this photo from under the couple's hands. It's one of the most emotional engagement ring photo ideas to show off the wedding ring in your photo.
Be innovative in your wedding ring snapshots

Final Thoughts About Wedding Ring Photography Ideas:

In a nutshell, taking beautiful wedding rings photos is absolutely fun. You can try different things and see what looks good. There is no right or wrong way to do it. It depends on you, the people who are getting married, and how much you like to be creative.

If you are a wedding photographer, you have to take photos of wedding rings. Sometimes you may not have new wedding ring ideas, but that's okay. Just keep practicing, and you will get better at it later on.

Therefore, you don't have to make the wedding ring photography too complicated. Sometimes, simple photos of wedding rings are very beautiful. The most important thing is to make your couples happy by making their rings sparkle creatively!

After reading this blog, we hope that you’ve got some unique ideas for wedding ring photography. Have any questions about this article? Please leave a comment below.

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Happy Wedding Ring Photography!