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3D animation is a need in this world of visual culture. We see 3D animation here and there in these days. Many TV ads use 3D animation to make things look more interesting and colourful. 3D animation opens up the scope of exploring amazing new worlds in video games and movies besides real life.

3D animation is a way of telling stories and showing pictures that can teach and entertain people of all ages, no matter where they are from.

3D animation is different from 2D animation because it makes things look more realistic. But 3D animation involves different types of tasks of making 3D animation.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the top nine 3d animation styles that will blow your mind. So, keep reading!

Key Definition of 3D Animation:

3D animation is a way of making pictures that look like they are moving in a real space. 3D animation uses special computer programs that create things with 3D effects, even though they are on a flat screen.

You can make anything you want with 3D animation, like a video game character or a car in a TV ad. You just need to use some tricks and skills to make them look like they are moving in a real space.
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Apart from that, 3D animation is an incredible way of creating photos as they’re moving in a space that has height, width, and depth. Y

The task of 3D animations includes several steps. The first step is called modeling, where you make 3D subject; it can either be model or product or anything else. The second step is called layout and animation, where you decide where the 3D things go and how they move. The third step is called rendering, where you make the final picture look nice and smooth.


Top 5 Advantages of Using 3D Animation Styles:

3D animation is a way of making pictures that look like they are moving in a real space. 3D animation is used for many things, like ads, medicine, buildings, etc.
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Why do so many people use this kind of picture-making? These are some of the good benefits of 3D animation.

1# More Fun For Users:

3D animation can make pictures more fun and interesting. This can make users want to watch more and pay attention. This can be good for many things. Some examples of 3d animation are- video games, ads, and company shows. 3D animation can make users feel like they are part of the picture.

2# More People Can See It:

3D animation can be liked by many kinds of people. It can also be used to show many people at once. Putting a 3D animation on a big screen can be a good way to get a lot of people to look at it. For example, a big sign with 3D animation can stand out in a busy place.

3# Better Way To Say Things:

3D animation can make pictures clearer and more real. This can help say things better, without making people confused. For example, 3D animation can show what a product looks like from all sides. 3D animation can also make people feel more emotions, which can help them say things better.

4# Good For Business:

3D animation can help businesses show what they do and what they want. They can give more details about their products, services, and goals. Businesses that use this kind of new technology can also look more cool and smart in the eyes of customers.

5# Helps To Tell Your Story Better:

With regular 2D animation, you always know it’s not real. But with 3D animation, you can make it look like a real world that the viewer can imagine living in. This makes the story more exciting.


9 Best 3D Animation Styles in 2024

3D animation has many different ways of making things look 3D. In this guide, we will learn about some of the most common 3d animation styles.
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Let’s get started to see the types of animation styles!


Style#1: 3D Virtual Reality:

It’s compared to interactive animation to some extent and also advances in the direction of full engagement. Here, you need special VR glasses or helmets to see the 3D world around you.

Making animations for virtual reality games is really hard work. You feel like you are really there, so everything has to look real and perfect. There is another popular kind of game that is augmented reality animation. You don’t need special glasses for this. You can use your phone if it has AR features. You can see things on your phone screen that are not really there.
3D virtual reality


Style#2: Stop Motion Animation:

Stop motion is a fun and old way of making animations. People started doing this more than 100 years ago. It’s like making a flip book with photos.

You have to move them a little bit at a time and take a lot of pictures. Then you put the pictures together and it looks like they are moving by themselves. It takes a lot of time and work but it is worth it. The good thing about this is that you don’t need a lot of money or fancy stuff to do it.

Moreover, stop motion is a cool way of making animations with real things. Some people use puppets to make stop-motion animations. They make the puppets very detailed and give them joints so they can bend and twist. The puppets look like they are alive when they move.
stop motion animation

Style#3: Motion Graphics:

Motion graphics is a way of making animations that have 2d and 3d animation together. They are very lively and can do many things. They make your eyes happy.

Motion graphics is now liked by many people who make videos and stories. You can find it in many places - motion graphics makes the pictures that you see before movies and games start, the videos that sell you things, the videos that show you who made them, tell you a story, etc. It can say something to you effectively. It means that it can do almost anything you want with animations.
motion graphics

Style#4: Rotoscope Animation:

Do you know how some movies and shows have both real people and animation characters in them? They use a special way of making animation called rotoscoping.

Rotoscoping means drawing over a video or a film, one frame at a time, to make smooth and realistic animations that match the real scenes. For example, by duplicating how a person moves, you can make a cartoon character move like a real person.

Rotoscoping is useful for many things. It can help make more people in a movie without hiring more actors. It can also help make ads where the animation thing looks like it is really there. And it can save money and time in making 3D things because you can duplicate them easily.

Rotoscope animation is also good for telling stories that are funny and highly engaging.
rotoscope animation

Style#5: Typography Animation:

Typography animation is when you make words move and change on the screen. It is a great way to show information and make people interested.

Sometimes, businesses use typography animation to show numbers or facts in a cool way. This can help people learn new things or train for their jobs without getting bored.

Typography animation is also a way of making art with words. You can change how the words look, how they move, and what color they are. You can make them dance or jump. You can see some examples of typography animation in movies, ads, and music videos. They can make you feel excited, curious, or happy.
typography animation

Typography animation has changed a lot over time. It used to be simple, but now it can be very complex. It can use 3D shapes, real-world objects, or virtual worlds.

One of the best things about typography animation is that it needs many different skills. Animators, designers, and developers have to work together to make it happen.

Style#6: Whiteboard Animation:

Do you like watching cartoons or drawings that move and tell stories? That’s what whiteboard animation is. It’s a way of making videos that use simple drawings and animations to teach you something or explain an idea. It’s very enjoyable and easy to watch.

Many people use whiteboard animation for different purposes. Some use it to make videos that help you learn new things, like math or science. Some use it to train workers on how to do their jobs better. And some use it to promote their products or services to customers.
whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is changing and improving all the time. It’s becoming more colorful and interactive, so you can enjoy it more and learn more from it. This animation is a great way to communicate with people and share your stories.


Style#7: Augmented Reality Animation:

Do you know what augmented reality (AR) animation is? It is a way of making digital things and real things look like they are together. You can see and play with these digital things on your phone or special glasses. For example, you can make a funny face with a mustache or cat ears on Snapchat. This is AR animation.

AR animation can also make games more fun and realistic. You can use 3D shapes and characters that look like they are in the real world. You can feel like you are part of the game.
augmented reality animation

AR animation can also help you with shopping. You can try on clothes or shoes without going to the store. You can see how a new sofa or table will look in your room. AR animation can make your life easier and more enjoyable.


Style#8: 360 Animation:

Do you like watching videos? What if you could watch videos that let you see everything around you, not just in front of you? That is what 360-degree video does. It is a special kind of video that you can use with virtual and augmented reality. You can feel like you are in the video.
360 animation

360-degree video can help you with many things. For example, you can try on clothes or see how furniture looks in your room without leaving your home. You can also see how a new house will look like before it is built. 360-degree video can make your shopping and living better.

Style#9: Mechanical Animation:

Do you know what mechanical animation is? It is a way of showing how something works inside. You can see all the parts and how they move together. It is very accurate and detailed. Sometimes, it uses 3D shapes to make it look more real.
mechanical animation-3d animation styles

Mechanical animation can help people who make machines and gadgets. They can see how their ideas will work before they make them. They can also fix any problems or mistakes. This can save them time and money.


Final Words About 3D Animation Styles:

In a nutshell, you have learned about the most common 3D animation styles and how they are used. 3D animation keeps making things look more real and amazing in many parts of our lives.

3D Animation is a way of making art that can do many things. You can use different 3d animation styles to make your ideas come to life in numerous ways.

If you are an animator or want to be one, you should try different types of 3d animation to find the ones that you like and need. There are so many choices that you can do anything you want with 3D animation styles.

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