23Apr 2020

Image Masking Vs Deep Etching | Deep Etch Service

23Jun 2015

Photoshop Image Manipulation Tutorial: Join the Neck of Garments Image

This is an effective Photoshop image manipulation tutorial that will show step by step guideline of joining the neck of a garment image.

07Jun 2015

Five Important Tips for Website Image Optimization

Website image optimization is necessary for getting the best out of the image on the website. It ensures fast loading and eye-catching image.

22May 2015

Substitute of Photo Clipping for Image Optimization

There are very few substitutes of photo clipping. Quick selection technique is the most popular in this regard that can save time and money.

29Mar 2015

Potential Guideline to Remove Photo Background

One can easily learn how to remove photo background. Clipping path and image masking are two of the most popular background removing techniques.

14Mar 2015

Benefit of Photoshop Image Clipping Service

Photoshop image clipping benefits us in different ways. We can't think of image enhancement without clipping path.

04Mar 2015

How to Remove Background and Photo Cropping Together?

Before using your images on website please confirm that your have done photo cropping and background remove treatment properly to make it web friendly.

09Sep 2014

Five(5) Urgent Tips for Photo Clip

Photo clip or clipping path seems to be very simple but in order to it professionally a graphic designer should follow some necessary techniques.

23Jun 2014

Clipping Path Vs Clipping Mask Vs Layer Mask

The tutorial explores how to create clipping path, clipping mask and layer mask to show the difference among these three Photoshop techniques.

19May 2013

What, How and Why Clipping Path???

Clipping path is the basic and most important photo editing strategy of the photo editing software Photoshop that serves a lot of purpose.